"Just hope you got insurance. Thank God we ain't communists. Free health care is revolting."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

The San Fierro Medical Center is the main hospital servicing San Fierro, San Andreas. It is located in the Santa Flora district, just north of City Hall, west of Chinatown, and south of Palisades and Juniper Hill.


The medical center is the largest hospital in San Andreas, essentially consisting of a large complex of three modern buildings partially connected by a skybridge, boasts a massive two-level carpark and driveway for ambulances, and consists of 8 stories in the main block, and 5 stories in the other 2 blocks. Players will respawn at the hospital if they are killed anywhere within San Fierro city limits. Alternately, if the player dates Katie Zhan and dies within 1.5 km from her house, the player will re-spawn at her home instead.

Vehicles that commonly spawn at the hospital include up to two Ambulances at the driveway, a Romero hearse and two random vehicles in the lower carpark, and a Maverick and Raindance on the roof of the main medical block. The upper carpark may spawn up to three random vehicles.

The San Fierro Medical Center is the largest Hospital in all of San Andreas especially since it has a campus like format, with several buildings. The building which the player spawns under itself is extremely large. The SFMC is a safe place to land any helicopter in the game, and a Hydra.

Prominent use in mission

The hospital is prominently featured during "Wear Flowers in Your Hair" as one of several stops where The Truth observes mysterious vans leaving. The nature of The Truth's actions or the vans are never explained.



  • The hospital in the beta had helipads on its roof but these helipads are absent in the final version.
  • It is based off the UCSF hospital in San Francisco.
  • It's unknown if Katie Zhan works there since she is a nurse, it is possible that she works at this hospital.
  • The medics from the hospital are seen having humps.