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The San Fierro Tower is the tallest building in San Fierro and the second tallest building in the State of San Andreas. It is located in Downtown, beside the entrance to the Garver Bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Its footprint is triangular in shape, and it has an open space cut through it, which is a very unique feature. Even though it may seem shorter than the Big Pointy Building when compared side-by-side, the San Fierro Tower is actually taller when its antenna height is included. The building seems to be loosely inspired by 555 California Street which is the second tallest building in San Francisco. The building has 52 floors (171 m).


  • At night, the lighting on the south facade of the building shows the Rockstar logo.
  • There is a Window Cleaning Platform on the south face of the building that can be reached by using a Jetpack. There is nothing on the platform and it is not operable, unlike the ones in GTA IV.

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