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For the 3D Universe predecessor, see Sandking.
"It doesn't get any more American than this heavy-duty pick-up. Big, brash and loud, the Sandking blusters its way into any environment without a second thought."
Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

The Sandking SWB is a two-door off-road pickup featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is the successor of the 3D Universe Sandking.


The Vapid Sandking SWB is a full-size pickup, which is a lifted off-road variant of the Sadler. It also comes in a longer wheelbase body, dubbed the Sandking XL (though the two share the overall body design). The design, overall, is strongly related to that of a third-generation Ford Super Duty, with some design cues from the first and second generations, such as the taillights. The split headlights take cues from numerous generations of Chevrolet Silverado pickups. 

The truck comes with extremely knobby tire treads, though the wheels can be customized to an array of accessories, including large off-road alloy wheels with very low profile tires. 

Current Design Gallery


Grand Theft Auto V

The Sandking SWB has a high amount of ground clearance. The modeled single cam V8 provides it with good power and torque, allowing it to get over obstacles easily.

The engine sound is similar to the Landstalker's engine sound, however, it is of higher revs, and therefore sounds like a high-revving straight 4 diesel engine.

A known glitch or design flaw in the game was that the truck did not feature full 4WD, so off-road traction on steep hills was limited. However, as of update 1.08, the truck now features fully functional 4WD, so it is now an extremely capable off-roader. In game, it acts almost like a monster truck and with proper speed the player can drive right over most low-profile cars. The truck has poor handling on the roads, offering fairly low levels of grip, due to the truck's heavy body. Off-road, the truck handles better, but the heavy weight of the truck and its long wheelbase contribute to its handling not being the best of the off-roaders, although suspension upgrades can make a noticeable difference. The short-wheelbase version has slightly better acceleration and better handling, making it the more desirable variant. Like the Rebel and other off-road vehicles, however, its exposed tires make an easy target to be shot, unless it is fitted with bulletproof tires.

Just like the Sandking XL , the Sandking SWB features impact struts, which begin suspended at the center of the truck and continues down to the wheels, with the suspension blue shock absorbers and its corresponding springs exposed.

Note the Sandking XL performs almost identical, however the turning radius is more effective due to its shorter wheelbase. Acceleration and gear-shift rate also seems to be an improvement.

GTA V Overview

Source Acceleration
(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Engine Details
(Cubic Capacity/Layout/Type)
Number + Type
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. Game data definitions, or claimed in-game.) (Claimed Top Speeds)

n/a 81 / 130 (Handling.dat)


RWD (Website)

6 (Website)

2400 / 5291 (Website)

(i.e. recorded/tested using in-game data.) (Observed Top Speeds & Acceleration Times)

8.8 Seconds 85 / 137

F4 Inline-4 (Sound)
SOHC V8 (In-game model)



Mass cannot be observed.


Grand Theft Auto V

Type Upgrade Cost (Story) Cost (Online)
Armor Armor Upgrade 20% $1,250 $5,250
Armor Upgrade 40% $3,125 $8,750
Armor Upgrade 60% $5,000 $14,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $8,750 $24,500
Armor Upgrade 100% $12,500 $35,000
Brakes Street Brakes $5,000 $10,000
Sport Brakes $6,750 $13,500
Race Brakes $8,750 $17,500
Bumpers Chrome Tow Hooks $1,250 $2,500
Chrome Skidplate & Bullbars $1,650 $3,300
Painted Skidplate $1,950 $3,900
Painted Skidplate & Bullbars $2,350 $4,700
Chassis Chrome Roll Bar $550 $1,100
Painted Roll Bar $675 $1,350
Painted Double Roll Bar $750 $1,500
Bed Cap $1,375 $2,750
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $2,250 $4,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $3,125 $6,250
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $4,500 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $8,375 $16,750
Fuel Tank Chrome Extended Fuel Tanks $1,500 $3,000
Black Extended Fuel Tanks $2,000 $4,000
Grille Chrome Grille $375 $750
Black Grille $670 $1,340
Lights Xenon Lights $1,0000 $5,000
- -
Loss/Theft Prevention Tracker N/A $2,000
Full Coverage N/A $4,750
Respray - -
Crew Emblem N/A $25,000
Roof Sunshade $350 $700
Sell Sell Vehicle N/A $3,800
Suspension Lowered Suspension $500 $1,000
Street Suspension $1,000 $2,000
Sport Suspension $1,700 $3,400
Competition Suspension $2,200 $4,400
Race Suspension $2,300 $4,600
Transmission Street Transmission $7,375 $14,750
Sports Transmission $8,125 $16,250
Race Transmission $10,000 $20,000
Turbo Turbo Tuning $6,250 $35,000
Wheels - -
Windows Light Smoke $200 $1,500
Dark Smoke $450 $3,500
Limo $700 $5,000

Image Gallery


Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online


  • The default radio stations for the Sandking SWB are Rebel Radio, Soulwax FM and FlyLo FM.
  • Due to its high ground clearance, the roof will scrape against the door when leaving some garages such as Franklin's new safehouse or various safehouses in Grand Theft Auto Online, such as the Del Perro Heights apartment.
  • The taillights and headlights resemble the ones found on the Granger.
  • It is possible to drive a Sandking with many bikes and the Blazer in the bed on GTA Online, although power does greatly suffer.
    • Similarly, this can also be done with the Panto, but the latter would result the Panto to become stuck and end up performing a flip in the process.
  • After Patch 1.13, the Sandking SWB and Sandking XL have been changed from 4WD to 2WD. Responding to backlash from the GTA V community, Rockstar stated that the change in the Sandking XL and SWB was unintentional and are currently looking in to the issue.
    • The patch 1.14 reverted this unintentional change on both the Sandking SWB, the XL and other 4WD vehicles.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, the Sandking SWB (and Sandking XL) and the Guardian are the only vehicles that can carry the Nagasaki Blazer in their truck bed. Due to a glitch, loading a Blazer into any other vehicle, including the Sadler, which has similar characteristics to the Sandking, will result in the ATV smoking and eventually exploding. The Blazer can be loaded into the bed of the Sandking and the Guardian using a stunt jump ramp.
  • In GTA V, the cab lights will not work on the variant where these are present. The same error is seen on similar trucks like the Sadler and the Utility Truck.

See Also

  • Sandking XL - Four-door, longer wheelbase variant.
  • Sandking - The predecessor of the Sandking XL and Sandking SWB.
  • Sadler - Another pick-up with similar design cues to the Sandking XL and SWB.
  • The Liberator - Off-road monster truck also sharing design cues with the Sandking XL and SWB.


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