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Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station

The Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station is a sheriff's office of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office. The station is attached to the same building as the Sandy Shores Medical Center, on Alhambra Drive. The player will spawn here after getting Busted. The building is inaccessible to the player, but there is an interior model that can only be acessed by modifying your game files and the interior model is similiar to Paleto Bay Sherrif Station. Benches and pay phones can be seen along the wall but other than that there is not much to see.




GTA Online

  • Police Riot - parked at the northern end of the car park.
  • Sheriff Cruiser (when equipped with a wanted level, or in another Sheriff Cruiser).


  • Trevor and Michael will respawn in this police station if they are arrested in Los Santos after completing Caida Libre and before completing Monkey Business.
  • Sometimes a Sheriff Cruiser will be left unattended outside the station. The player can steal it and will rarely get a Wanted Level for doing so.
  • A female police officer can be seen outside the station. This is rare to see as there are very few female officers seen anywhere else in the game.
  • A flag that reads 'Sheriff Los Santos County' can be seen flying above the station with a reptile on the crest. It is unknown as to why a reptile exists on the crest but could possibly be because of the many wild Animals seen around Sandy Shores and the Grand Senora Desert.
  • An American flag can also be seen above the station.
  • There is an accessible interior that was cut from the game, but can be accesed by editing the games files.


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