For the transport company called "Santo Capro", see Swift.

Santo Capra is a clothing store  in Grand Theft Auto V, and a clothes designer in GTAO


It is located on Little Portola and Rockford Drive in Rockford HillsLos Santos. The boutique specialises in handbags and glasses. The brand name "Santo Capra" is derived from the Italian translation of goat which is "La Capra". although it is a store of itself and no interaction is avalible with it, an appealing,stylish selection of clothes made by santo capra has been released as well as another designer brands as a part of the ill-gotten gains I update, avalible to purchase in the clothing stores in GTA online

It is inaccessible and plays no role in the storyline whatsoever.


The brand name is most likely an imitation of the Italian designer brand Versace, due to its "goat" logo design reminisant of the medusa head.


During the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 Weekend Special, it was possible to find a T-Shirt with a fake Santo Capra logo in the Special Crate drops in Grand Theft Auto Online[1]. It is named "Santo Crapa", being derived from the word "Crap", reinforcing its fake status.