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Satchel Charges are a remote-detonated explosive from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


When satchel charges are planted, the player gains a detonator in an additional weapon slot; by firing the detonator, the charges explode. Satchel charges can be detonated from any distance, and with any time delay, assuming they still exist. There is a limit of 32 satchel charges that can be placed at a time. After the limit is reached, any further placement of the charges won't appear. They will stick to walls, vehicles, and pedestrians if thrown on them. Throwing the satchel charges will cause the people around the player to scream and run away, even gaining a wanted level if thrown in front of the cops or if the player is a crime away from a one-star wanted level. And if the player plants a satchel charge on a Police Helicopter, they will gain a four-star wanted level.


SatchelCharges -LocationsMap-GTASA

Satchel Charges' locations map


  • CJ's girlfriends seem to be immune to any damage taken from Satchel Charges; no matter how many charges the player sticks on or nearby the girlfriend, she will not die or be harmed by them at all. This also applies to other explosives. 
  • If the charges disappear (through cutscenes or saving the game), the detonator will not disappear with the charges. Using the detonator will cause no explosion.



The HUD icon in GTA San Andreas.

  • Satchel Charges are sold as "Remote Explosives" in Ammu-Nation shops, costing $2000 per unit.
  • It's possible to have bombs stick onto CJ via bouncing or multiplayer mode. The bomb will not disappear if CJ enters a cutscene or a building.
  • Bombs will not affect how a vehicle handle but can sink vehicles and destroyed boats in water, if placed onto the vehicle.
  • Bombs cannot stick onto animal models (dolphins and turtles) nor kill them.

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