Apartment ext

The exterior of the apartment, looking from Savannah Avenue.

The Savannah Avenue Apartment is an apartment located on Savannah Avenue, Meadows Park, Dukes. The apartment is almost inconsequential to the story, only appearing in one mission.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

The apartment is part of the mission Concrete Jungle, in which Niko Bellic and Little Jacob storm the apartment and murder the drug dealers who reside there. This part of the mission is very small, and the apartment is quickly vacated afterwards.


Apartment int

The interior of the apartment

The first floor consists of a hallway, and a conjoined living room/kitchen. There are two doors which cannot be opened (one to the kitchen and one to the backyard), as well as a staircase which leads to the second floor. There, more doors can be found that cannot be opened, and another staircase leads further up to the roof.

Also, during the mission, there is a first aid kit located on the kitchen table. Inside, San Juan Sounds can be heard, mostly from the living room.


  • The apartment remains open, and can be entered at anytime during gameplay.
  • If you go to the roof top, you will find a flying rat on the chimney.