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Schmidt & Priss (Schnidt & Piss in San Andreas) is a company that makes electronics featured in both 3D Universe and HD Universe.


The company is on the BAWSAQ in Liberty City. The company's name sounds like "shit and piss". The company most likely based on the real-life manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Their slogan can be seen on Schmidt & Priss boxes.

Products (A-Z)

3D Universe

  • Unknown electronic products (SA)

HD Universe

  • Schmidt & Priss ChimEra Plasma TV (IV)
  • Schmidt & Priss DVD Player (IV)
  • Schmidt & Priss Juice Machine (V)
  • Schmidt & Priss Oven (V)
  • Schmidt & Priss Refrigerator (V)
  • Schmidt & Priss Stereo Disc Reader (IV)
  • Schmidt & Priss Stereo System (V)


HD Universe


See Also


  • The name "Schmidt and Priss" probably got its name from the two vulgar words "shit" and "piss", shit refers to feces, while piss refers to urine.

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