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Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Line 3/8 Broker Line
Service 3/8
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Borough Broker
Next north Huntington Street: 3/8
Next south Hove Beach: 3/8

Schottler is a subway stop on the Liberty City Subway system, located at the intersection of Sundance Street and Seneca Avenue in the South Slopes neighborhood of Broker (though it's named for the nearby neighborhood). The station is served by the 3/8 Broker Line.

Its concrete viaduct design is influenced by the Queens Boulevard stretch of New York City's IRT Flushing Line.

The station plays a role in the mission The Puerto Rican Connection; it is the destination of where the target gets off the train and Niko kills him on the orders of Manny Escuela.

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