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"Manufacturer of unreliable mid-range cars that lose half their value in the first year through depreciation and the other half through repair costs. Owned by Germans, bailed out by Americans."
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Schyster (BAWSAQ: SHT) is an American automaker of mid-range vehicles in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto and is based on Chrysler. The player can buy stocks from then at the website in GTA V.


The emblem appears to resemble a Plymouth badge; Plymouth was a former brand marketed by Chrysler. The logo appears to feature a circular saw-blade, perhaps an allusion to Schyster sounding similar to "scythe". The name seems to be a reference to the word shyster, which means a person -especially a lawyer- acting unprofessionally or unethically.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Cabby Minivan 2001—2004 Chrysler Voyager / Town & Country Equivalent of the Vapid Minivan which is featured in both GTA IV and GTA V.
Fusilade Two-door coupe 2004—2008 Chrysler Crossfire GTA V only
PMP 600 Sports Sedan 2005—2010 Chrysler 300 GTA IV only



  • Schyster's BAWSAQ code is SHT, a play on the word derogatory word shit, another play on Rockstar's crude humor.
  • The term "Owned by Germans, bailed out by Americans." in the BAWSAQ description refers to the fact that Daimler sold Chrysler in 2007 in real life.



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