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The SRS Scientists are a gang in Grand Theft Auto 2 that are opposed to the Rednecks due to their high intellect. They offer missions to the player that involve high levels of sophistication, and doing missions for them can lower the player's faction with the Rednecks, because they rather destroy things than use stuff for research. The Scientists are usually seen driving Meteors, and operate from the Residential District.

""The SRS represent a fringe faction of elite and disgruntled scientists, dedicated to imposing their own, dubious morality on the world. They'll fight anyone who doesn't believe in the ability of eugenics, genetic modification and euthanasia to build a better tomorrow.""
―GTA 2 instruction manual.

The Scientists' base

The Scientists' base is interesting due to the fact that, to get into it, you must drive across a series of jumps, timing and aiming correctly, which you can only do with a fast car. The jumps go from a dirt path at the top of the map, onto a metal archway, to some rooftops, then onto some broken train tracks, and then off a slope in the tracks, into the Lab. Your car will likely get caught in the entrance and blow up, and so you must jump down into the base. But occasionally the car will go over the edge, but you can't get the car out, so the best option is to just destroy it anyway. Entering the base is quite worth it, due to the fact that there are power-ups all over, trains come through (although they do not stop), and there's even more jumps to go across on foot.

Scientist Research Center (SRS Scientists Base)


  • It can be implied by Dr. LaBrat's dialogue that a number of their personnel are artificial clones.

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