The Scubawear Scuba Suit is a set of clothes and gear in Grand Theft Auto V.


The scuba gear allows the player to dive underwater without coming up for air when their lung capacity expires. Although the gear only comprises a single air tank, the player is able to stay underwater indefinitely when it is equipped.

The gear is automatically equipped when exiting the Dinghy and Submersible into the water.

Entering any controllable water vehicle will allow the player to continue wearing the currently equipped scuba gear, but touching the ground will immediately discard the equipment.

The Scuba Suit is only effective to the same depth as the submersible (just under 500 feet) and will not prevent crush injury and death from deep water pressure if the wearer is too far down.

There are 3 variants of the scuba suit seen in the game:

  1. A rudimentary scuba gear set is obtainable from the boats and will be worn over top of whatever clothing the protagonist is currently wearing. 
  2. A full neoprene ProLaps wetsuit known as the Scuba Land outfit is made available in the player's wardrobe at the end of the game's storyline. This can sometimes be seen with or without the hood and flippers. This outfit when combined with Type 1 gear gives the full scuba diving suit.
  3. Another heavier duty set of gear is used by Michael De Santa and the FIB agents with the scuba gear set in Monkey Business with a different mask that resembles a Gas Mask

They can be used for searching the depths and looking for things such as the treasure in shipwrecks and underwater collectibles such as Submarine Pieces and Peyote Plants

The player's lung capacity will increase while using the scuba gear underwater at the same rate as if the player was holding their breath without the gear.

Switching away from characters while wearing a scuba suit and returning to the character later can result in the scuba gear being worn while on land wherever they have re-spawned.

Mission Appearances



  • Only obtainable when exiting from a Dinghy or a Submersible. (Story Mode only)
  • Wetsuit available in all protagonists wardrobes after the storyline is completed, although the scuba gear set is not furnished and therefore must still be acquired from a Dinghy or a Submersible.


In Game

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  • If a player is wearing Scuba Suit and drives any vehicle in deep water, the player will survive as long as the car doesn't sink too far down.
  • The Scuba Suit is not available in GTA Online. Instead, Rebreathers can be used by the player.
  • The Scuba Suit features an invisible light, which is very noticeable when aiming at dark places. The only exception is during Monkey Business, where the same light is visible.
  • All the three characters have different colored scuba suit masks to correspond with their signature color.