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The Speedophile 2000 is a single-seat watercraft vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Speedophile 2000 is manufactured by SpeedoPhile. It is currently unknown if the Speedophile 2000 is the only Jetski in the game.


The official logo.


SpeedoPhile manafactuer logo


  • The name Speedophile is a combination of "speed" and the Greek word "phile", or the word could refer to one who loves speed.
  • The name speedophile may also refer to "speedo" an article of mens clothing for swimming which could reinforce that the word may refer to a "paedophile"
  • The name may also be a play on the British pronnunciation of "paedophile" [pee-doe-file].
  • SpeedoPhile 2000 is on the cover art in red and white color.

Notable Appearances

  • The Speedophile 2000 is featured almost centrally on the box art for Grand Theft Auto V. This machine is under the control of Michael.
  • The Speedophile 2000 is also seen being driven under The Vincent Thomas Bridge in the second trailer.
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    Artwork of Michael on the Speedophile 2000 as seen on the cover art of the game.

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