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Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA: Liberty City Stories

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Easter Eggs

  • Go to the Belleville park "Thrashin' RC". Then when you shoot it, it will keep staying still. If you jump on it, it will activate a Hidden Rampage, which won't count for 100% completion
  • You can see a memorial for Claude in Portland Island. Go to Hepburn Heights and go to the construction. Get to the Hidden Package and use a Sanchez or PCJ-600 to ride the way. Keep going till you reach a Unique Stunt Jump. You should land into the memorial it will say "Claude was the drunk fella who pays no bill"
  • Salvatore has glasses. When playing the mission "The Shoreside Redemption". The cutscene where he enters, if you have BETA version you will see Black Glasses
  • The Rockstar sign is hidden in Francis Intl. Airport. Go through the gates and get to the Police Vehicle, use a Sniper and look up in front. A faint R* will be seen

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