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Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA: Vice City Stories

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The following is a list of secrets, Easter eggs, and hidden trivia references in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. For a list of Myths, see GTA Myths Wiki.

Easter Eggs

  • When you get to Phil's Depot snipe on the truck licence plate, it should say "I love my AK-47"
  • In the barracks, use a PCJ-600 and get into the barracks, keep driving till you get to the gates, then do a jump on the Patriot, you should start driving without getting inside
  • Use a VCPD Maverick or Air Rescue Helicopter and hover to Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, you will find the gates open!
  • Armando, in the mission "Light my Pyre" has a different approach. Unlike Vincenzo, he points his gun at Vic, where you can take him down
  • When you get to the VCPD in Downtown, if you snipe where the Helipad is you will see a sign saying " Rockstar Srudo"
  • In the missions Soldier, Kill Phil 2, In the Air Tonight and Kill Phil, the Forelli look like the Hitmen from NO sone of Mine in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories


  • Chronologically, this is the last game in GTA III era to have the swimming technique (Along with San Andreas)
  • A poster at King Knuts shows a poster for Little Lacy Surprise, where you could see Lance.
  • This is the only Grand Theft Auto to feature a Ferris Wheel
  • At the Mendez Compund, if you shoot a rocket at a antenna it will say $50 Good Citizen Bonus

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