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Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA III

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Easter Egg GTA 3

Easter Eggs

  • In the very southwestern block of Bedford Point lies a parking lot (notably featured in the Kingdom Come mission) where an easter egg can be located; known as The Hidden Sign. To reach it, the player needs a car of small size such as Manana or Taxi. Going up the stairs leading to an overlooking platform to the north of the lot (near the entrance to an underground parking in the same area), the player must jump from the car to reach the top of a building to the west, jump down on the wall and from there drop down to an otherwise inaccessible alley behind it. At the end of the alley, on the wall, there is a posted notice that states "You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know." Near the poster is a ramp that allows the player to leave again.
  • If you leave the city limits of Liberty City by using the Dodo you can see in the radar various Rockstar Games' programmers edited to seem town names e.g. obbeburgh (Obbe Vermeij), aaronsville (Aaron Garbut), woodcunty (Alisdair Wood), les county (Leslie Benzies), garystown (Gary McAdam) and Adamton (Adam Fowler or Adam Cochrane).
  • There is a billboard that says "See you in Miami!", this a hint of where the next game would take place Vice City which is based on Miami.

References to previous games

References to other games

  • On the in-game radio, you can sometimes hear references to Carcer City, which is a city that would be later used in Rockstar's Manhunt.
  • In the mission Two-Faced Tanner the character that the player has to kill is named Tanner, protagonist of the Driver series. He was given a female walking animation due to the criticism that Tanner in Driver walked like a girl.

Real-world references

Rockstar cap - GTA III

The pedestrian model who uses the Rockstar cap

  • Badfellas is another film advertised in GTA III. It is a parody of the film Goodfellas which Frank Vincent, the voice of Salvatore Leone starred in.
  • Rockstar Games are known for hiding their logo in secret places in their games. There is, however, a poorly disguised Rockstar Games logo on top of a unusable helicopter on the roof of Kenji's Casino. The logo is poorly disguised because it even reads 'Rockstar Games' below it. The logo can also be found on a hat of the pedestrian that wears headphones (and is famous for the mysterious tune heard through them).

Adult Humor

  • The yellow notebooks carried by male students of Liberty Campus feature scribbled drawings of urinating male genitalia.

The notepad with the penis on it.

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