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The Securicar and Stockade are armored bank trucks first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, serving as the successor to the G4 Bank Van from Grand Theft Auto 2.

To date, the vehicle has been featured in the following games:

It is manufactured by Brute in the HD Universe.


The Securicar is an armored truck, used to transport money, and in some missions, people (capable of carrying up to 4 occupants). Unlike in real life, the trucks are not bulletproof, it is however durable to heavy gunfire, and is now bulletproof to the player in GTA V.


3D Universe

The Securicar was initially designed with a heavy, robust truck-based body that is painted an overall dark blue. This design stuck for GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, and GTA Vice City Stories, but in GTA San Andreas, it featured a radically different, somewhat smaller design, more reminiscent of real armored vans, like a 1990s model GMC TopKick. The GTA San Andreas Securicar may be seen with the markings of Chuff Security (a lewd parody of real-life firm Chubb Security) or Lock and Load Security, or unmarked. In GTA III, if rear doors are removed, you can see boxes of "loot" in the back. The Securicar in GTA Vice City also has a bulletproof windshield.

As the GTA San Andreas rendition assumes a completely different body design based on the International Harvester S-Series, the vehicle's performance differs slightly, but remains very undesirable. With its heavy weight, the Securicar's steering and braking fares poorly, in addition to a softer suspension which reduces stability when negotiating uneven turns. The vehicle does, however, have a slightly above-average top speed.

HD Universe

Stockade badges

Badging on the Securicar.

In GTA IV, the Securicar, manufactured by Brute, is a larger vehicle with a realistic design, similar in shape to the GTA San Andreas rendition. The truck chassis is based on an armored International 4700 Series, but the front turning signals have been omitted. It is powered by a large, 8 liter (or 8000cc as seen on the badging for the vehicle) turbocharged engine. The cargo area has a similarly shaped roof to the GTA San Andreas rendition. The Securicar shares its basic chassis with the NOOSE Enforcer and Police Stockade, the latter of which may be the "original"; the Enforcer lacks the Securicar's bulletproof side windows, but is equipped with a bulletproof windscreen.

Engine close-up on the stockade in GTA V.

The GTA IV Securicar will spawn a large amount of cash around it if blown up, but doing so with weapons will immediately attract a 2 stars wanted level, regardless of where it is done. To avoid this, the player can use one of the car-bombs supplied by Patrick McReary (this is his friendship bonus) to blow up the car, or damage it enough while driving it that it will burst into flames and explode.

In GTA V, the vehicle is renamed as Stockade. In random events, money is able to be stolen by blowing the back doors open, and generates $3000-$8000. Money can still be obtained by blowing up the Stockade if it spawns in traffic, though it rarely does. It is also found empty near banks, particularly in Legion Square and Hawick. In Prologue, a snow covered Stockade can be seen here, with the Bobcat Security livery on it and a smile face marked on the left cargo window.


3D Universe

The truck is not generally recommended for anything other than regular street driving, as the uneven weight of the armor tends to flip the truck over even minor curves or hills. The Securicar in Vice City is the version least prone to flipping over in this era. The Securicar in GTA Vice City however , can be used for escaping and breaking through SWAT roadblocks as the heavy weight of the vehicle easily outweighs the Enforcer's weight ( 7000kg vs 4000kg ) although the vehicle needs a run-up in order to gain speed to break the roadblock.

HD Universe

Stockade livery

Securicar decals.

The Securicar's handling and acceleration have been greatly enhanced, and it will no longer tip over when turning through corners. It is highly resistant to gunfire and everyday vehicle damage, but it is not explosion- or fire-proof, and so can be destroyed by a grenade or single rocket. The rear axle of this vehicle is also unique, as compared to most of the heavy vehicles in GTA IV, it utilizes single wheels on each side of the rear axle as opposed to twin wheels, however if driven on dirt or sand you can see that it leaves tracks as if it has twin wheels (as evidenced by the 6 tracks it leaves behind when turning).

The GTA V Stockade has, comparably, the best performance of all the trucks in the game, with better acceleration, top speed, handling, and of course durability. As intended, the vehicle can sustain multiple impacts with and from traffic, and can resist gunfire with ease. The Stockade's endurance capabilities makes the Stockade one of the strongest cars in the game.

GTA V Overview

Source Acceleration
(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
Engine Details
(Cubic Capacity/Layout/Type)
Number + Type
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. Game data definitions, or claimed in-game.) (Claimed Top Speeds)

n/a 120 / 193 (handling.dat)


RWD (handling.dat)

5 (handling.dat)

6500 / 14330 (handling.dat)

(i.e. recorded/tested using in-game data.) (Observed Top Speeds & Acceleration Times)

17.8 Seconds 85 / 137

FR Supercharged V8



Mass cannot be observed.

References to Group 4 Securicor

The Securicar in its entirety may be a reference to two real-life security companies, which, coincidentally, would merge years after the introduction of the Securicar in the GTA series.

The name of the Securicar may be a pun on Securicor, a British security company that merged with Belgium-based security company Group 4 Falck in 2004 to form the infamous Group 4 Securicor (now known simply as G4S). Renditions of the Securicar in GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories have "Gruppe Sechs" logos on the side, a German language pun on both the Group 4 company, and the term "group sex". In GTA IV, the fleet markings render the company name as "Gruppe 6", but the vehicle still features "Gruppe Sechs" decals in much smaller print on various surfaces. The GTA San Andreas rendition, however, substitutes all Gruppe Sechs markings with other security company brand names.



GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories



  • Will appear as part of a Random Event in which the player can steal money being transported by a Stockade. The player can either attack the guards accompanying the car and steal the money directly from them, or blow off the back doors and steal the money from the Stockade itself.
  • It will sometimes spawn randomly in traffic, outside of side missions.

GTA Online


  • Its name is both a combination of the words "Security" and "Car", as well as a reference to G4S, formerly known as Group 4 Securicor.


Grand Theft Auto III

  • During one point of game development of GTA III, the Securicar was known as the Security Van.
  • The Securicar is the first vehicle seen in Grand Theft Auto III, thus making it the very first vehicle seen in the 3D Universe.
  • In GTA III, Securicars can be taken to a lockup at Portland Harbor for a sum of money. The starting reward is $5000 and decreases by $500 for each Securicar delivered, the garage will still accept the vehicle afterwards but no reward will be given. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • The Securicar in GTA IV has no radio; the Police Scanner is added in its place.
  • In the texture file in GTA IV there is text saying "Gruppe Sechs is licensed and authorized to use deadly force by the Liberty City Police Department". However, the occupants never spawn with weapons.
  • In the pedcomponents.img the m_m_armoured.wtd file has Gruppe Sechs armed employees, but they are just used in Multiplayer missions.
  • After collecting all thirty cars for Stevie he agrees to purchase cars from Niko Bellic, with the Securicar fetching $4,000.
  • If Niko picks up a friend in Friends Activity, sometimes his friend will sit in the rear of the car.
  • If flipped over and pushed backwards at constant rate, the backup noise will play.
  • In GTA IV, if the player goes through a toll booth without paying in a Securicar, you will not get a wanted level.
  • The headlights of the car detach along with the hood, when the vehicle is damaged enough. However, they will work just like they were still in the vehicle.
  • Although the Securicar has bulletproof windows, they can still be shattered in order to perform a drive-by.
  • The Securicar is highly bulletproof against enemies, yet the player can destroy it quite quickly on the front area.
  • Trucks will spill money if they are destroyed, usually containing between $500 and $2000. If the player destroys the truck using explosives, however, they will earn a two-star wanted level.
  • The money that is ejected from the truck after explosion disappears faster than money dropped by pedestrians on the street. Also, there will always be money under the truck that the player will not be able to collect, apart of. A good way around this is to blow the truck up by either ramming it enough times until it catches fire in a parking garage on a lower level and run to the floor above to collect the cash, as none will be under the truck if you do it this way. This will be for a limited time (about 25 seconds).

Grand Theft Auto V

  • If a Securicar is stolen, a sticky bomb can be used to blow the doors open and money can be gained from it usually between $3000-$8000, only if a blue random event dot appears on the radar.
  • If the player hold up a Securicar, and drive away in it, police will drive past, even with a two star wanted level, but this is only if it's unlocked, which is only with ones that are moving.
  • Like the Ammunation Yankee from GTA CTW, both are guarded vehicles that can be robbed to obtain their cargo.
  • A radio is now present in GTA V.
  • The horn was altered for the enhanced version of GTA V, it can have multiple horns, randomized when entered.
  • In the loading screen, a unique beige armored truck showing the LSDS logo appears in an artwork. It seems to be a unique variant of the Stockade, although it is not present in-game.
  • The snow covered variant's dashboard gauges shows only the speedometer, but lacks the tachometer display, although the tachometer gauge moves when revving, and the radio display is different, taken from cars like the Tailgater and the Felon. This is due to the fact that it wasn't intended for use of the player.

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