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Not to be confused with the Securicar.

The Karin Security Car (also known as the Security Dilettante) is a variant of the Dilettante which is used by Merryweather Security.


Like the civilian Dilettante is a compact four-door liftback based on a 2003-2009 Toyota Prius with headlights from a Citroën C4, and a shape that's less based on the Prius, but more on the Honda Insight, with its lower roof line over the rear seat area. The security car has a white and blue patrol livery.


The Security Car has a considerably low top speed and acceleration, and is also understeers to higher speeds, the only advantage of the car is the soft suspension.


  • The Security Car is a hybrid, it is an electric car, until you rev it up to the max, and its combustion engine turns on.
  • It is the only hybrid law enforcement vehicle to be featured in the series.
  • The phone number on the sides is 1-999-GUARDME.




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