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"If you feel you have understood nothing, then you know everything. Come to Vinewood for the real truth. But first, that will be five hundred dollars, please. Kifflom be praised."
Cris Formage

Seeking the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks side mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program. The mission is the first time members of the Epsilon make an appearance in the game. It is the first mission in the Truth series of missions. The mission is located in Raton Canyon.


As Michael, open up a web browser on his cell phone or computer and navigate to the Epsilon Program's website, Click the button labelled "Evaluate Your Identity" and complete the evaluation form. The question mark icon will appear on the map at Raton Canyon.


When Michael arrives at the destination, he sees a red Bison. He says "Ah, red truck huh", "Oh fuck it, why not". He then walks up to the front of the truck and recites the following phrase from a Epsilon booklet, "Take me to my father-father brother-uncle, Kifflom". As soon as he says this, two members of the cult emerge from behind him and promptly knock him out with a punch, both saying "Kifflom" as they do so. When Michael awakens, he is being thrown out of a black Bison in Grand Senora Desert. He is left wearing just boxers and a tank top, but still left with all of his money and weapons. The last thing heard is the sound of Cris Formage telling him to donate $500 to the cult.


  • When Michael donates $500 to the cult, there is a possibility that the next mission, Accepting the Truth, will not unlock. If this is the case, these following solutions will possibly help:
    • Advance the in-game clock by sleeping on the bed several times.
    • Switch to Grand Theft Auto Online and then switch back.
    • Donate $5,000 instead of $500.
  • Due to the potential payout of this mission, you may want to save the game before starting the mission.



  • Michael reciting the phrase in front of the red truck is a reference to the myth in GTA San Andreas that reciting this in front of a red truck will cause Kifflom to appear. These instructions also appear on the official Epsilon website.


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