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Self-Actualization FM is an ambient/chillout radio station available exclusively on Episodes from Liberty City.

This radio station replaces The Journey, Fusion FM, and Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 in Episodes From Liberty City. It has more modern music than The Journey; most of the music on Self-Actualization FM was written in the early 90's-late 2000's, while The Journey's oldest song was "A Rainbow in Curved Air" by Terry Riley (which was released in 1967). Self-Actualization FM is hosted by a human DJ called Audrey, compared to The Journey, which was hosted by a computer.


  • The Orb - "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld" (Live Mix MK10) (1991)
  • Alpha Wave Movement - "Artifacts & Prophecies" (1995)
  • Autechre - "Bike" (1993)
  • Larry Heard - "Cosmology Myth" (1996)
  • Chilled by Nature - "Go Forward" (Love Bubble Mix) (2002)
  • Tom Middleton - "Moonbathing" (2007)
  • Alucidnation - "Skygazer (3002)" (Remix) (2004)
  • Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze (feat. Bill Laswell) - "V/8 Psychedelic Brunch" (2002)

Dropped tracks

The following tracks were planned for the station, but were dropped during development. These track names can be found in the file "american.gxt".

  • Erik Wøllo - "Monument"
  • Pete Namlook - "You (1st Impression)"
  • Spacetime Continuum - "Voice of the Earth"
  • Coldcut - "Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2)"
  • System 7 - "Masato Eternity"
  • Moby - "My Beautiful Blue Sky"

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