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Shady Creeks in GTA San Andreas, with Mount Chiliad in the background.

Shady Creeks is a heavily-forested location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Whetstone, San Andreas. It is east of Mount Chiliad and the small town of Angel Pine. It is filled with many trees and features a decent sized creek (adjoining a basin named Shady Basin on GTA San Andreas' official website), hence the name "Shady Creeks".

Shady Cabin is also located by a dirt road in the center of Shady Creeks, close to Shady Basin. Just like Back O Beyond, Shady Creeks has no involvment in the main storyline whatsoever yet it takes up a huge part of the map which makes it a very mysterious place.

Weapons and pickups


  • 2 Beater Glendales commonly referred to as "Ghost Cars" because they roll down a hill.

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