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The Buckingham Shamal is a multi-role, jet powered business aeroplane in GTA San Andreas and a commuter jet in Grand Theft Auto V.

Similar unflyable business jets also make multiple appearances in other Grand Theft Auto games.

Design and appearances

GTA San Andreas


A parked Shamal in GTA San Andreas.

The aircraft model is based on multiple Learjet business jets. The body is inspired on the Learjet 36A, while the wings are more similar to Learjet models after the 60. The aircraft nose is considerably longer than most Learjets, also resembling a later model.

The most prominent appearance of the Shamal is during "Freefall", when the plane's interior can be seen. The size of the interior appears larger than usual for an aircraft with a relatively small fuselage, and the interior incongruously features 16 windows (9 on the left and 7 on the right) when the plane features only 8 outside.

The Shamal is also used in the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro", where it is flown by Carl Johnson to Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto V


A parked Shamal in GTA V.

The Shamal appeared in the first trailer and later in one of the screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, implying that it would most likely return as a functional plane. This was confirmed by the gameplay trailer, that showed the Shamal being flown over the Land Act Dam.

It is based on modern Learjet models in GTA V, namely the Learjet 45, with some inspiration from a Cessna Citation 560. It also has 16 passenger windows in total (8 on each side). The role of the aircraft is now different though - Instead of being a business jet, like in San Andreas, it is now a commuter jet, being owned by multiple airliners for short regional flights. The role of a private jet is now attributed to the Luxor, a plane much similar to the Shamal (Only with a black paint scheme) also manufactured by Buckingham.

The Shamal is featured in the singleplayer mission Caida Libre, where it is shot down by Michael DeSanta and then chased by Trevor as it falls down in the desert. It is also stolen by players for Lester in the online mission Landing Strip.


Similar to the Jet, the Shamal bears the liveries of multiple airlines in Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA San Andreas

The Shamal is available to the player since the beginning of GTA San Andreas, in the Los Santos International Airport, acquirable by trespassing over the security booth if the player still hasn't got the pilots license. It is a considerably fast jet, being on par with the Rustler, and due to it's availability, the Shamal is a good choice for players who are just learning to fly jets, as its handling is balanced and it's easy to land on runways. Also, despite its interior size, it can transport only the player.


"The Shamal is a small commuter jet known for its climb and cruise performance with the Luxor filling the role for a business jet. The Shamal has balanced handling and economical fuel consumption. At current gas prices, you can fly a Shamal coast to coast for just $50,000, without even a second thought for the ozone layer."
Elitás Travel webpage

The Shamal is now a much faster aircraft, beating any propeller-powered plane in the game. Similar to San Andreas, it is also available from the start in Los Santos International Airport and, due to having a great and responsive handling, it remains as a great plane for learning to pilot. In the hands of a moderately skilled pilot, it can easily win any multiplayer races. Thanks to the speed and handling of the aicraft, it also has a great capability for performing stunts, being able to steer and do barrel rolls extremely fast.

It can be purchased for $1,150,000 in the in-game website.

Similar business jets

Despite none being named as "Shamal" or even accessible to the player, many similar private jets appear as an uncontrollable and mostly stationary aircraft in the series:


GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V


GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V


  • In Arabic, Shamal means "North", however it is pronounced "Shemal", not "Shamal" .
  • In GTA: San Andreas, while in the interior of the Shamal during Freefall, the player can shoot out the lights and headrests.
  • The Shamal can be seen on the TV show I'm Rich in GTA IV, possibly suggesting that it was cut from the game.
  • The Shamal and the Dodo are the only airplanes that spawn in the 3D Universe rendition Los Santos (Despite many others obviously spawning in other cities on the state of San Andreas).

The pictures found in Max Payne 3.

  • Pictures of the Shamal, amongst other planes, can be seen in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer map Tiete River Docks. Interestingly, said game was released by Rockstar in 2012, a year before Grand Theft Auto V.
  • As noted in the gallery, there was a beta variant of the Shamal without any airline livery, although this could be a beta Luxor.

See Also

  • Ghawar, non-controllable equivalent in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Luxor, another private jet in Grand Theft Auto V.


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