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[[Category:Characters in GTA Vice City]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA Vice City]]
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[[Category:Deceased characters]]

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"Loser! Too slow, grandad!"
―The Sharks' Leader

The Sharks' Leader, also known as Streetwannabe's Leader, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

He is the leader of the Sharks street gang. His appearance is different from other gang members; unlike the others, he has a dragon patch on the back of his shirt and has a purple belt. The Sharks' leader's main weapon is the Ruger assault rifle, which he used in the missions The Chase and Phnom Penh '86.


At some point, he joined the Sharks street gang, and by 1986, became the gang's leader. Nothing is known about his life before 1986, except that he is an associate of both Ricardo Diaz and Leo Teal.

Events of GTA Vice City

Phone Call

"Who the hell is this? Put Leo on, man!"
―The leader talking with Tommy, after "Back Alley Brawl"

The leader is possibly the man who phoned to Tommy, after Tommy murdered Leo Teal. He asked Tommy where is (the now-deceased) Leo. Tommy said that Leo has "gone away for a while".

Diaz' Money

"You're on MY turf asshole! You're going down!"
―The leader's last words, before being killed in a shotout by Tommy Vercetti

The leader apearently stole 3% of Ricardo Diaz' money, making Diaz very angry about it. Diaz sends Tommy Vercetti, who finds the leader. The leader begins to shoot at Tommy and later escapes with a BF Injection. Tommy follows to see where he hide Diaz' money, at a villa that is controled by the Sharks.

Later, Diaz sends Tommy and Lance Vance to kill him at his own villa, destroying his gang and taking back the money. During a short shootout between them at the top of the villa, he is killed by Vercetti, who takes back the money to Diaz.

Strangely, even after his death, the Streetwannabe's are not hostile to Tommy.


During "The Chase", the leader's seen with a BF Injection, which was driven by one of his men to the hideout.

During "Phnom Penh '86", the villa which was used by him and the Sharks, few Gang Burritos were seen, assuming that he owns them.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City


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