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The Shoppers are a gang in GTA Vice City. Although they do not use any weapons and don't attack the player or other gangs, the in-game stats cosiders them a "gang".


The Shoppers can be found inside the North Point Mall. They often stand in groups of three or more. They are not violent. When the player attacks them, they usually run and do not retaliate. They do not appear in rampages, but may appear in Vigilante missions. Also, one of the male models can be seen as part of the Costa Rican gang in the mission The Fastest Boat.

There are two types of Shoppers inside the North Point Mall, during the day, the shoppers are different from those found in the night, they are normal Pedestrians reunited as a gang of three people or more, up to six. They almost always will run If the player attacks them. The shoppers during the night are street criminals, who will appear more as a real gang, they will attack the player If he attack them, and they even will attack the player If he has a weapon, although, they will run, If the player shoots at them. Is rare to find the two type of shoppers reunited at the same time, since the Shoppers during the day appear at the in-game hour, 05:00, and left at 20:00, and The Street criminals appear at 20:00 and left at 05:00.


  • The Shoppers and the Golfers are the only gangs in GTA Vice City that contain female gang members, although the shoppers have more than one female model.
  • The Shoppers have the most member models of all gangs in Vice City (other gangs have 2 member models, the Shoppers have 5)
  • The Shoppers are the only gang seen exclusively in an interior. Other gangs seen in interiors are Diaz' Gang, Vercetti Gang and Patrol Invest Group, but those can also be seen outside interiors.
  • Killing the Front Page Café Owner in Bar Brawl raises the statistics of gang members killed, and he is added to the number of Shoppers killed.
  • During the rampage inside the North Point Mall, the player is required to kill members of a different gang with a Rocket Launcher. Altough members of the other gang appear, clusters of Shoppers also appear. They, however, do not add to the number of gang memebers killed required to pass the rampage.

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