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{{Template:Delete|See [[Talk:Shoreside Vale Safehouse (GTA III)|talk page]].}}The '''Shoreside Vale Safehouse''' is a safehouse used in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] by [[protagonist]], [[Claude]].
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== Description ==
The safehouse is at one of several residential towers in [[Wichita Gardens]] (but is generally distinguished by its red facade in comparison to the other towers' dark brown facade) and has a garage that can store up to three vehicles and is a designated location for awarded [[Police Bribes|police bribes]]; close to the garage is another row of garages where pickups attained by collecting [[Hidden Packages|hidden packages]], as well as a [[health]] pickup and an [[adrenaline]] pill, are lined up. A parking lot and a couple of unusable garages are nearby the safehouse. The only interior of the safehouse is that of the lobby containing a vending machine and an elevator (which presumably leads up to one of the floors of the tower where Claude's apartment is).
[[Image:ShoresideValesafehouse-GTA3-exterior.jpg|thumb|right|400px|The safehouse in GTA III; its garage is pictured to the left, while the entrance to the safehouse is visible to the right, in the background.]]
In [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], during the [[Trash Dash]] side mission for [[Shoreside Vale]], two trashcans appear by this safehouse. Sometimes, random cars can spawn on the parking lot as well. The small interior to the safehouse remains in GTA Liberty City Stories, only accessible through gray hell and by use of a helicopter or cheat codes.
== Trivia ==
* Although the safehouse is meant to be unlocked after "[[A Drop In The Ocean]]", the safehouse, like [[Staunton Island Safehouse (GTA III)|the one in Staunton]], is technically accessible early in the game, but only between "[[Luigi's Girls]]" and "[[Last Requests]]". During this period, players can access Staunton using the [[Callahan Bridge#Exploits|Callahan Bridge exploit]], and head to Shoreside Vale via the Porter Tunnel unhindered (as the Staunton and Shoreside Vale ends of the tunnel are not sealed off); after "Last Requests", the Shoreside ends are sealed off until "A Drop In The Ocean".
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