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"Leading manufacturer of firearms since the 19th century, including the rifle that either "won the West" or "slaughtered the indigenous population of the West" depending on which state you go to school in."
―Description at

Shrewsbury is an American firearm manufacturer in Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks of the company at the website.


Shrewsbury was founded during the 19th century. Little else is known about it, as it is only mentioned in the BAWSAQ website as one of the businesses with stocks available to buy. It is also one of the sponsors of the monster truck The Liberator.


Shrewsbury is most likely based on the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which took its name from the English city of Winchester, and Shrewsbury is also a town in England.


Weapon Type Based On (GTA V)
SNS Pistol Semi-automatic handgun Heckler & Koch P7M10
Colt Junior 25
Pump-Action Shotgun Pump action shotgun Mossberg 590 Cruiser
Sawed-off shotgun Pump action shotgun Mossberg 500
Heavy Shotgun Semi-automatic shotgun Saiga 12K
Micro SMG Submachine gun IMI Mini-Uzi
MG Light machine gun PKM
Sniper Rifle Bolt-action sniper rifle AI AW-F
Grenade Launcher Grenade launcher Milkor MGL
Rocket Launcher Anti-tank rocket launcher RPG-7
Assault Rifle Assault rifle Norinco Type 56-2
Compact Rifle Assault rifle AKMSU
Sweeper Shotgun Shotgun Armsel Striker



  • Shrewsbury's weapons, for the most part seem to be designed to be simple and inexpensive, featuring rugged styling, but deal less damage as a result in contrast to Vom Feuer's expensive, heavy-hitting weapons.
  • According to the BAWSAQ description, Shrewsbury's weapons "won the West" during the 19th century. This echoes the basis of the Winchester rifle, which was used by the United States military between 1866 and the early-1900s and is often referred to as "The Gun that won the West".
  • Despite being an American firearms company, most Shrewsbury products resemble foreign firearms.


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