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Silent But Violent is a horror movie released in 1998 shown advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The movie can be seen advertised near the Callahan Bridge in Portland Island, Wichita Gardens and near Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale.

The movie's poster shows a woman laying dead on the ground, with green gas around her. The movie has a three star rating, and two reviews that are shown are "Reeks of suspense!" and "NOT to be sniffed!".


  • The woman in the picture uses the same model as Barbara Schternvart from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • The film's name is an obvious reference to flatulence, as hinted by the green gas around the women, another example of Rockstar's crude humour. The reviews of the movie also heavily allude to this.
  • The movie is also advertised in Manhunt 2, another game by Rockstar Games, but there are several modifications to the poster; The movie is instead called "Silent Death", the movie's rating is shown to be 18+ (in a style similar to the PEGI rating system seen in the United Kingdom), and the "Reeks of suspense!" review has been changed to "SILENT but VIOLENT!", followed by a two-star rating.

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