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Simmet Alley as seen from Sinners Passage.

Simmet Alley is a back alley shopping path in Grand Theft Auto V, located in Textile City, Los Santos. It runs from Sinners Passage to Integrity Way. Simmet Alley is based on Santee Alley, in Los Angeles' Fashion District.

This multicultural shopping venue is home to counterfeits selling a variety of products, possibly even stolen or bootleg items, and like its real-life counterpart, also occasionally known for illegal trade.


  • Bay Ladies
  • Bean Machine
  • Beauty Supplies
  • Cap It All City
  • Dandies
  • Discount Fabrics Wholesale
  • Garbs
  • Gyro Day Hot Food
  • Lace In The Sun
  • Lace Of Diamonds
  • Shoe Da Man!
  • The Silk Sheikh
  • Simmet Ally's Upholstery & Drapery Fabrics
  • Simmet Fabrics
  • SND. Textiles
  • Total Pants
  • Total Stitch Up
  • Touching Cloth
  • Wall Fabric

Prominent Appearances in Missions



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