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{{infobox gang
#REDIRECT [[Sindacco crime family]]
| image = Sindaccos-GTALCS-members.jpg
| caption = Members of the Sindaccos in GTA Liberty City Stories.
| game = SA
| game2 = LCS
| locations = [[Red Light District]], [[Chinatown, Portland Island|Chinatown]], [[Hepburn Heights]] ([[Portland Island]]) [[Newport]], [[Torrington]] ([[Staunton Island]]), [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]<br>[[Caligula's Palace]], [[Bayside]], [[Whitewood Estates]], ([[Las Venturas]])
| leader = Paulie Sindacco
| type = Cosa Nostra Mob Family
| enemies = [[Forelli Family]], [[Leone Family]], [[Sicilian Mafia]], [[Portland Island Triads]], [[San Fierro Triads]], [[Diablos]] and [[Uptown Yardies]]
| affiliations = [[Forelli Family]], [[Leone Family]] and [[Sicilian Mafia]]
| cars = [[Sindacco Argento]]
| businesses= Gambling, drug dealing, prostitution, protection, counterfeiting.
| fronts = [[Paulie's Revue Bar]], [[The 'Dolls' House]], [[Big Shot Casino]], [[Caligula's Casino]] and [[Sindacco Abattoir]]
| members = [[Paulie Sindacco]] ([[Dead Reckoning|deceased]])<br>[[Johnny Sindacco]] ([[The Meat Business|deceased]])<br>[[Joseph Daniel O'Toole]] (betrayed, [[The Made Man|deceased]])<br>[[Mickey (GTA SA)|Mickey]] ([[The Introduction|deceased]])<br>[[Lance Urwell]]<br>[[Bobby]]}}
The '''Sindacco Family''' is an Italian-American [[Mafia]] family originating from [[Las Venturas]] and based in [[Liberty City in 3D Universe|Liberty City]], and are the secondary group of antagonist in [[Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories|Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
===Events of ''GTA San Andreas''===
In 1992 (the time of [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]), after [[Sonny Forelli]]'s death in 1986 the Sindacco's thought they "ran things" according to Salvatore Leone. The Sindaccos had a stake in [[Caligula's Casino]], later alongside the [[Forelli Family|Forelli]] and [[Leone Family|Leone]] families. The Sindacco Family wanted to do business with the Leone family and unite the two organizations and this involved [[Don]] [[Salvatore Leone]] pledging 5 million dollars to the Sindacco family. Both outfits argued over who should run the casino, and so [[Ken Rosenberg]] (once working with the Forelli Family, but then abandoned by the very powerful [[Vercetti Gang]]) was put forward as a neutral party. Ken was in the middle of the three families, so if one attacked the other, Ken would most likely be the target.
The Sindacco family was formerly represented by [[Johnny Sindacco]] who was in charge of day to day operations in Las Venturas while his father was expanding territory in Liberty City. He died from a shock-induced heart failure in GTA San Andreas after meeting protagonist [[Carl Johnson]] for a second time. It was revealed that Johnny had previously been captured by the[[San Fierro Triads| Triads]], tied onto a car driven by CJ and scared into revealing information. He then he went into a coma, suffering a period of psychological and physical trauma.
===Events of ''GTA Liberty City Stories''===
[[File:PaulieSindacco-GTALCS.jpg|thumb|left|[[Paulie Sindacco|Paulie "The Invisible Don" Sindacco]].]]
By 1998, Paulie Sindacco decided to expand further throughout Liberty City, moving into Leone family territory in [[Chinatown, Portland Island|Chinatown]] and [[Red Light District]], dealing drugs. In [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], on orders from Salvatore Leone, [[Toni Cipriani]] used [[Joseph Daniel O'Toole|JD O'Toole]], who was running [[Paulie's Revue Bar]] in Liberty City's [[Red Light District]] for the Sindacco family, as an inside-man to help to get plans from the Sindaccos and claim the Red Light District and Paulie's Revue Bar (renamed ''Sex Club 7'' by Salvatore Leone) as Leone territory. Later on, Toni Cipriani would kill Paulie Sindacco due that he revealed Salvatore's true identity as Mr. Big and sending him to jail.
After their defeat by the Leone Family in the first gang war of 1998, the Sindaccos were ceased to only Torrington on [[Staunton Island]], also starting moving into [[Forelli Family]] territory in hopes of taking it over. This resulted in the second gang war of 1998, this time between the Sindaccos and the Forellis weakening both families. [[Franco Forelli]] and Paulie Sindacco attempted to establish a truce, but before it could be established however, Toni Cipriani uses a remote control device to assume control of Paulie Sindacco's car and run over dozens of Forelli Family members with [[Sindacco Argento|it]]. This fueled the Sindacco family war with the Forelli Family, which doesn't end until the assassination of Paulie Sindacco in [[Shoreside Vale]] later that same year and the death of Franco Forelli in the [[Little Italy]] explosion, all caused by Leone [[capo]] Toni Cipriani.
With the Don dead and no turf or front companies remaining in Liberty City, the Sindacco family most likely ceased to exist, although it may have kept its territory in [[Las Venturas]]. They are never seen or mentioned in GTA III.
In GTA Liberty City Stories, Sindacco members wear black shirts, black pants and brown jackets with/without sunglasses and carry pistols. In GTA San Andreas, the mobsters dress in either brown leather jackets with grey pants and light blue shirts with chains, or in black jogging suits.
== Mission Appearances ==
;GTA San Andreas
*[[The Introduction]]
*[[Fender Ketchup]]
*[[You've Had Your Chips]]
*[[Intensive Care]]
*[[The Meat Business]]
*[[Breaking The Bank At Caligula's]]
;GTA Liberty City Stories
*[[Dealing Revenge]]
*[[A Volatile Situation]]
*[[Blow up 'Dolls']]
*[[Taken for a Ride]]
*[[Salvatore's Salvation]]
*[[The Guns of Leone]]
*[[The Made Man]]
*[[Search and Rescue]]
*[[Taking the Peace]]
*[[Sayonara Sindaccos]]
*[[Night of the Livid Dreads]]
*[[Love on the Rocks|Love On The Rocks]]
*[[Dead Reckoning]] <small>(Wiped Out)</small>
== Trivia ==
*"Sindacco" is most likely a misspelling or a variation on the word "sindaco", which is Italian for "mayor".
*Their favorite radio station is [ Double Clef FM].
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