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[[File:Sizero-GTA4-logo2.jpg|thumb|A poster for the company.]]
'''[[File:EFLC_2012-04-28_22-26-50-87.jpg|thumb|Sizero store along Bismarck Avenue, Algonguin.]]Sizero''' (stylized as '''S1zer0''') is a "High Fashion" clothing company in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. The company's name is a reference to [[wp:Size zero|size zero]], the lowest dress size in America, often associated with [[wp:anorexia|anorexia]], as shown by the extremely thin model in the poster.
==See also==
*[[Anna Rex]] and [[BULL EMIC]], other GTA IV clothing companies parodying excessive thinness.
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[[Category:Clothing Stores]]

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