The Skateboard was a weapon and vehicle that was dropped during the development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was meant to be introduced to the player in the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes.[1][2]

There is little leftover data related to riding the skateboard. The skateboard is developed enough that it is specified to which surface is skateable. In the gta3.img file, the animation file for the skateboard exists.

On the other hand, the skateboard does exist as a fully functional weapon except in the PS2 version, where only the HUD icon remains. However, it is normally disabled and cannot be found anywhere. When enabled properly, it appears in one of the game's unused burglary houses.

In GTA Online, a skateboard can be seen on a shelf in one of the rooms of an apartment containing a 10 car garage though it cannot be used.


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  1. data\american.gxt>STRAP2>STP2_34>To use the skateboard pick it up and select it from the weapons inventory items. Press ~k~~PED_ANSWER_PHONE~ whilst over it to pick it up if your inventory is full.
  2. data\american.gxt>STRAP2>STP2_38>To use the skateboard, select the it from your weapons inventory. Use the movement controls to steer the skateboard. Tapping ~k~~PED_SPRINT~ helps you pick up speed and ~k~~PED_JUMPING~ makes you jump.