The Skinheads, also known as Dealers from game files, are a small-time gang in Grand Theft Auto IV.


They are depicted as low-level drug peddlers, car thieves, and thugs. Some have serious drug habits. They are most commonly found in North Holland, Middle Park West, Purgatory, Easton, and Star Junction. Known members include Jimmy Kand and Marty Boldenow.

They appear to have a working relationship with the Petrovic Bratva and the Yardies. In the online multiplayer game Mafiya Work, they operate as low level drug pushers for Kenny Petrovic, as well as car thieves in Car Jack City. Their relationship with the Yardies is demonstrated by Marty Boldenow's association with them, as well as the car theft missions for Brucie; in one mission, where Niko is required to pick up a Feltzer, a Skinhead is seen dealing with a Jamaican. They can also be seen on the streets of Beechwood City talking to Jamaicans. Marty Boldenow is also protected by members of the Jamaican Mafia, armed with AK-47's.

They don't appear to be a very organized or disciplined gang. Many members appear to be drug addicts. Jimmy Kand and his cronies appear to be addicted to heroin, and in TLAD, when Johnny Klebitz picks up Ashley from the projects, he has to take out few skinheads hooked on methamphetamine.

They may also appear during the mission Industrial Action. They often compete in cage fights in TBOGT.


Skinhead attire appears to be heavily influenced from both skinhead and punk fashions. Often, hair is shaved or spiked, yet sideburns are often intact. Some skinheads dye their hair bright green. Many members also have beards, such as chin fuzz or goatees. Trilbies are also commonly seen.

Skinhead and punk attire is seen. Skinheads often wear tight, bleached or patched jeans, military boots, and bullet belts. Some wear heavily customized leather jackets with pins and paintjobs, adorned with fictional band names such as Slackars, Dead Bodies, and Real Pain. Others wear tight sleeveless shirts with red suspenders. Rastafarian or Jamaican symbolism is often present. Wristbands and chokers are commonly seen, as are tattoos.


Rather than being based on neo-Nazi Skinheads, the Skinheads in Liberty City don't seem to have any racist undertones. They appear to be on good terms with the Jamaicans. This seems akin to early Skinheads in the UK; working-class youth who were heavily influenced by the Jamaican rudeboy subculture. However, there could be a faction of skinheads that are at least anti-gay, as Bernie Crane has had problems with at least one bigoted Skinhead. It's likely that Rastafarianism plays a major role in the Skinhead group, given the appreciation of Jamaican culture and the strong homophobic stance.

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  • One of the pins they wear is the logo of a Manhunt gang, the Smileys. Also, some of their tops or jackets have the logo of another Manhunt gang, the Monkeys.
    • Some of them also wear a pin with the Rastafarian tricolor red-yellow-green, with the text "Bad Drains". This is an obvious reference to the hardcore punk and reggae band, Bad Brains, whose song "Right Brigade" can be heard on L.C.H.C.
  • Their appearances resemble the appearances of Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredericksen from the ska punk band Rancid.
  • Despite being involved a few times within the storyline, they are not really a gang in the files, rather they are special "dealer" pedestrians. Due to this, they don't have any weapons, nor do they drive unique vehicles. The same goes for the Dominican Gang.
  • A Skinhead street gang might have been cut from GTA San Andreas, due to the fact that sometimes when killing pedestrians in the game, CJ might shout "Die you Skinhead pricks!". However, this might just show that Carl sees the pedestrians he's attacking as racists.