Toni Cipriani enters Vincenzo's warehouse in Atlantic Quays.
Vincenzo We've got a dealer, working our North Chinatown patch. The lazy bastard ain't bought any cash in, in days. Maybe he needs some encouragement to get off his ass and do some work. Acting like a bitch... he kinda reminds me of you.
Toni Cipriani What are you trying to say?
Vincenzo I ain't TRYING to say nothing! I'm telling you to get over there and make sure this asshole starts bringing in some god damn money!
Toni Cipriani leaves the office and drives to Saint Marks', where he meets the dealer.
Toni Cipriani So Vincenzo tells me you're too chicken-shit to work on your patch?
Dealer Hey man! I'm no chicken-shit!'ve been ill is all! *cough* I'll go back to work tomorrow... or, maybe, the day after.
Toni Cipriani Oh, I think you're going to work today... like it or not!
Toni Cipriani is driving the dealer to Vincenzo's Warehouse in Atlantic Quays.
Dealer Oh, man... I don't feel too good. I think I might have a fever or something.
Toni Cipriani and the dealer approaches Chinatown.
Dealer Listen man! I told Vinnie already... Chinatown's no go for the Leone's now! The Sindaccos are moving in! If I don't get back there, I'm a dead man!
Toni Cipriani Sure... sure...
Dealer I'm telling you man! The Sindaccos are dealing!
Toni Cipriani drops off the dealer at the destination in Chinatown.