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Slash TV is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The side mission can be activated in the hull of the ship in Portland Docks where Vincenzo Cilli was killed during the mission The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. The mission can be triggered by pressing the R3 button (PS2) or up button (PSP) inside the hull of the ship whilst wearing the Overalls Outfit between the times of 18:00pm-5:00am.

Slash TV takes the same premise as The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission, with Toni having to kill people wielding chainsaws, with each level having more people attacking Toni. The first time Toni has to beat the mission, he has to defeat homeless people with chainsaws, whilst on the second time the mission is triggered it has people in chicken suits. SlashTV needs to be completed twice to unlock the Cox Mascot Outfit, and each time the mission is triggered five levels are available.

Various items can be collected whilst playing SlashTV. Enemies will drop money, as well as chainsaws, Micro SMGs, health and armor. A randomly selected bonus weapon also appears after completing each level.


The monetary reward for completing SlashTV increases with each level. The first level has a reward of $100, the second $300, the third $500, the fourth $700 and the fifth $1,500. The Cox Mascot Outfit is also unlocked after completing this side mission twice.


  • It is advised that the player uses a Combat Shotgun or Minigun whilst playing this mission as they both take down enemies very quickly and effectively.
  • The mission is significantly easier on IOS/Andriod as these ports contain auto aim.
  • It is recommended for the player to complete the Paramedic side mission as they are rewarded infinite sprint

Video Walkthrough

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Slash TV08:06

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Slash TV


  • Both the mission's title and gameplay are a reference to the game "Smash TV".
  • If the "Random Pedestrian Costume" cheat is active, Toni cannot activate this mission. He can enter the ship, but the door to the underbelly is closed. Approaching the door triggers a message to appear: "Try returning when you're wearing the Hockey Mask." This message plays even if Toni is wearing the Overalls.
  • In the Mobile version, the weapon reward upon completing level 5 is reduced to only PythonRocket Launcher and Minigun. Thus it's possible to gather lots of ammo for these weapons before unlocking Staunton Island if one have enough patience to play Slash TV over and over again.
  • The player can't start the mission wearing the Cox Mascot Outfit which is strange considering the player is given it as a reward and enemies wear it.

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