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Smoke on the Water is a pharmacy located in Los Santos, featured in GTA V. Franklin can be seen exiting one of the dispensaries in the gameplay trailer. This business is purchasable in the game for $204,000 and will net the player $9,300 per week in revenue. The player is unable to purchase Marijuana from this store for an unknown reason, even though it was implied in the gameplay trailer that the player was able to buy it.


  • "Smoke on the Water" is a reference to the song of the same name by the band Deep Purple, as well as a play on the fact the property sells marijuana, for people to smoke, and is located on the beach, near water.
  • If purchased, Smoke on the Water will take 22 weeks to turn a profit over the initial investment.
  • Rarely when switching to Franklin Clinton at night time, you can see him leaving the shop when it's closed, the reason of this is because all shops on Vespucci Beach close at night and this was probably an oversight for Rockstar.


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