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A snapshot icon as seen through the viewfinder of a camera.

Snapshots are a type of collectibles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As its name implies, they are obtained using the Camera. Snapshots exist only in San Fierro, San Andreas, and each appears as a rotating circular camera icon above a particularly interesting scenic spot. Snapshots are similar to Hidden Packages, Horseshoes, and Oysters in that completing all 50 grants the player a significant reward. The reward for capturing all 50 snapshots is 4 weapon spawns becoming available at the Doherty Garage, namely the Micro Uzi, Grenades, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle, and $100,100.

To successfully capture a snapshot, the snapshot icon must be within

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The message scren when all snapshots are taken.

the camera viewfinder. Sometimes zooming is required to capture a more distant icon. The point of interest above which the icon sits is not required to be in the viewfinder, simply the icon itself. The photograph can be saved, if desired, by taking the photo using the save mode on the camera, however the snapshot icon will not appear in the photograph. In night time snapshots can be spotted without the use of a camera due to a bright yellow glow where the snapshot is supposed to be.

There is a glitch involving one of the Foster Valley snapshot icons; it is located on top of a building and is visible if CJ reaches the top of a nearby building (via jetpack or helicopter). It should be visible from a nearby hill as well, but isn't. However, if you stand on the hill immediately to the west of the building, zoom in on the roof and take a picture, it counts as a snapshot, even though the icon isn't visible.

Most of the snapshot icons can be photographed once San Fierro is opened, with the exception of one on the Garver Bridge that can't be seen until the bridge opens for crossing. Another snapshot icon is located within the Easter Basin Naval Station, even though accessing the area and getting close enough to view the icon will trigger a 5-star wanted level.


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