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"You fucking Judas! You're just like him!"
Trevor Philips

Something Sensible is one of the possible final missions of Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is triggered if Franklin chooses the option A (Kill Trevor).


Steve Haines and Dave Norton task Franklin to kill Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his failure to kill his family. After Devin leaves, Franklin is given a set of three options on his cell phone, Kill Trevor (A), Kill Michael (B), or Deathwish (C). Choosing A leads to this mission and has him call Trevor.

After choosing option A, Franklin meets Trevor at the oil field where Trevor laments how Michael had been backstabbing towards him and how he and Franklin are friends, only to see Franklin turn a gun towards him saying that he was the crazy one, not Michael or Franklin, and he would most likely end up getting all three of them killed. Baffled, Trevor remarks on how he has done nothing but be truthful to Franklin, which the latter accepts but does not let down the gun.

Betrayed again, Trevor then makes a run for it around the city and eventually the oil fields, with Franklin chasing him. Franklin would then call Michael for help, where he will show up and bump Trevor into a gas tanker, rupturing it and covering Trevor in gas. Broken, both physically and mentally, Trevor limps away from the car and remarks how he thought he had already seen the one "Judas", but he is in fact surrounded by them. With nowhere to go, he demands to be put down, where upon Franklin then shoots the gas, beginning to incinerate Trevor, causing him to roll on the floor before the tank explodes, killing him instantly. If Franklin takes too long and doesn't shoot, Michael will shoot him instead.

Michael and Franklin reflect on how crazy Trevor was and it was this constant craziness which led to his demise. Shortly after, they split up before Franklin sarcastically remarks the event as an "illuminating experience", which Michael counters by telling him to survive, and everything else is "bullshit." They then walk away from each other, as the credits roll in with a view of the city.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Judas! - Kill Trevor


  • The player cannot play as Trevor anymore after the completion of this mission.
  • Even if the player shoots Trevor in the head, he will still scream when on fire.
  • If Franklin doesn't shoot Trevor, Michael will.
  • The player receives a call from Steve Haines after this mission, announcing that Merryweather has lost its licence to operate in the state. He says he'll talk to Devin not to go after Franklin, but also tells him never to contact him again.
  • Franklin receives an e-mail from Lamar Davis asking who had killed Trevor. Franklin replies that government agents had killed Trevor.
  • The player also receives two calls from Jimmy De Santa, one for Franklin and one for Michael.
  • The player receives a text from Lester Crest after this mission, explaining that he split Trevor's cut from The Big Score between Michael and Franklin.
  • Similar to choosing option B (Kill Michael), the characters will no longer be able to hang out with each other after the event. In this case, Michael assures Franklin that they are still friends, but when the characters bump into each other it is revealed that the situation has affected Michael more than he would admit, and claims that he "needs some time."
  • Michael will receive a message from Ron about Trevor's death. He will curse Michael for his actions and claim that he has lost everything - his best friend and the business they built, even though his association with Trevor was mainly because of his fear of the man. Michael can reply to as if it's spam, telling Ron not to contact him again.
  • During the chase, Franklin will repeatedly shout these lines.
    • "Hey Trevor!"
    • "Oh so you goin' run from me huh?"
    • "Where you going huh homie?"
    • "Pull over, let's talk!"
    • "Eh, let's do this in a quiet place homie!"
    • "Trevor, dog!"
  • During the chase, Trevor will shout these lines when the player gets close to him.
    • "You snake!"
    • "I'll come back and gut you!"
    • I was good to you!
    • ''I shoulda known!''
    • ''I will hunt you down!''
    • ''I'll cut your cold heart out of your chest!''
  • "Don't Come Close" by Yeasayer plays at the end of this mission, in the beginning of the ending credits.
  • Both Trevor and his truck cannot be damaged during the car chase. However, shooting Trevor will cause visible bullet holes on his torso and arms. They will stay on his body until he dies.
  • In Fresh Meat, Franklin tells Michael that he, "burned every motherfucker [he] ever known" and in this ending, it is Trevor who is burned (to death).
  • If the player skips the cutscene when Trevor is burning, Franklin will change outfits to a white tanktop and brown or green shorts.
  • Trevor sometimes says "Why hasn't somebody sensible shot you yet?" when insulting pedestrians, foreshadowing his possible death and referencing the name of this mission.
  • It is the only one of the three final missions that does not have the word "the" in its title.


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