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"Come tomorrow most of Central's gonna have new TV's."
"South Central going up in flames!"

South Central Los Santos is a region in the city of Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is also referred to as Eastern Los Santos. The area is based off real-life South Los Angeles.


South Central Los Santos (also known as "The Central" or "Eastern Los Santos") is an area of Los Santos based in the far east of the city that contains a collection of different neighborhoods. It is based on South Central Los Angeles. The area as a whole is a highly residential suburb and consists of single-family homes, housing projects and some small-time businesses and stores. The area is mentioned atleast three times at random through in-game dialogue by CJ and Sweet during the mission Riot.

The area is unique in that it is plagued negatively by inner-city urbanization. Many of the neighborhoods are poor and run-down. However, some exceptions include the eastern beaches and Glen Park, which have well-off housing areas despite being plagued by drugs and gang violence. Gang violence, high crime rates, prostitution and drugs are massive problems that plague the area - especially crack cocaine. Most of the neighborhoods are dangerous and unsafe (especially at night) due to the gang control and constant on-going gang violence.

Because of this, tourists and the rich stay well away from South Central as far as possible to the far west of Los Santos (with the possible exception of Glen Park and the eastern beaches as tourist destinations). Most people in the area are local residents and the area has a high minority population (primarily african-american neighborhoods and mexican/hispanic neighborhoods). In total, South Central contains 12 different official neighborhoods plus the area of Unity Station.

The area is bordered to the west by the highly busy area of Downtown Los Santos where most of the big businesses and skyscrapers are located. This also includes the Mulholland Intersection. Further south, it is bordered by Verdant Bluffs and Commerce. Directly to the south, it is bordered by Ocean Docks and the Los Santos International Airport. Directly to the north, it is bordered by the countryside of Red County.

As a whole, the area is also unofficially referred to as "the ghetto" of Los Santos. All of Los Santos' gangs make a presence here, including the Ballas, Grove Street Families, Varrios Los Aztecas, and the Los Santos Vagos.

Ganton and Idlewood are african-american neighborhoods. El Corona, Little Mexico, Los Flores, and East Los Santos are Mexican/Hispanic neighborhoods. Playa Del Seville, Unity Station, Willowfield, East Beach, and Glen Park are mixed. Las Colinas is primarily mexican/hispanic and Jefferson is primarily african-american but both neighborhoods contain other demographics/pedestrians. South Central has a rounded up population of 4,164 as of 1992.

Events of GTA San Andreas

The first chapter of the game highly revolves around the area of South Central. South Central is the first area in the game where CJ finds himself (specifically Jefferson). Most of the mission contacts start and take place here. Many of the missions revolve around CJ establishing respect with his family, strengthening the Grove Street Families, tackling the crack cocaine problem on Grove Street, and helping friends around this area.

Eventually, after the mission The Green Sabre, CJ is abandoned in Whetstone by CRASH and warned to avoid South Central Los Santos altogether. From the rest of the entire middle game, CJ has nothing else to do in South Central. The Grove Street Families and Varrios Los Aztecas likewise become defunct and inactive - while the Ballas and Vagos control the entirity of South Central. However, CJ returns to South Central with Sweet during the final chapter of the game - "Return to Los Santos", to re-establish the Grove Street Families, clean the neighborhood of drugs and crack-cocaine, help Cesar Vialpando re-establish the Varrios Los Aztecas, and to put an end to Big Smoke's cocaine empire.

One particular intense and serious event which took place in the area and it's neighborhoods was the Los Santos Riots which occurs during the mission Riot during the end chapter of the game. The riots were caused due to the acquittal of officer Tenpenny. The riots are based on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, though the riots take place all over South Central. During the riots, the area becomes extremely unstable and dangerous - with pedestrians fighting and shooting each other (also attacking CJ), pedestrians stealing items such as TV's, increased gang violence and hostilities, and spawned car explosions. The riots stop after the final mission - "End of the Line".

The entire area and it's neighborhoods (with the exception of El Corona, Unity Station and Little Mexico) can be taken for the Grove Street Families via the gang war mini-game.





  • The area is based on South Central Los Angeles. Areas that can be found in the game are based on Compton, Inglewood, Wilmington, Spruce Street (Compton), Watts (primarily the Jordan Downs housing projects, Nickerson Gardens and the Imperial Courts), Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, Long Beach, Playa Del Ray, MacArthur Park and Echo Park, Union Station, El Sereno, and Olvera Street.
  • Despite being called "South Central Los Santos", the area isn't south or central at all (unlike real life South Central Los Angeles). The area is located to the far east of the city. It is likely that Rockstar called the area South Central due to familiarity. However, El Corona is located in the south-central part of the city.

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