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"Meeting your vehicular needs."
Southernsanandreassuperautos webpage

The website's front page.

Southernsanandreassuperautos banner eyefind

A banner found on the EyeFind homepage. is a vehicles sales website in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online where it is possible to buy different types of vehicles on the in-game internet.



Name Price Image
Bifta FREE (Beach Bum Pack)
Kalahari FREE (Beach Bum Pack)
Paradise FREE (Beach Bum Pack)

2 Door

Name Price Image
Schwartzer $80,000
Zion $60,000
Zion Cabrio $65,000
Gauntlet $32,000
Vigero $21,000
Issi $18,000


Name Price Image
BF Injection $16,000
Sandking XL $45,000
Bison $30,000
Bodhi $25,000
Dune Buggy $20,000
Rebel $3,000
Sadler $35,000
Sandking SWB $38,000

4 Door

Name Price Image
Fugitive $25,000
Dilettante $25,000


Name Price Image
Baller $90,000
Cavalcade $70,000
Rocoto $85,000
Felon $90,000
Felon GT $95,000
Oracle $80,000
Stretch (Limousine) $32,000


Name Price Image
Bati 801 $15,000
Bati 801RR $15,000
Ruffian $10,000
Vader $9,000
Blazer $8,000
PCJ 600 $9,000
Sanchez $7,000
Sanchez 2 $8,000
Faggio $5,000
Akuma $9,000
Double-T $12,000
Hexer $15,000

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