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ChadChad Mulligan
ChainsawChakra Attack
Chakra Attack/TranscriptsChalkieChallenger
Chamberlain HillsChamberlain Hills (Deathmatch)
Chamberlain MallChampagne Drinking ContestChan Jaoming
Channel XChaosChaperone
Character ActionsCharacter CustomizationCharacter Deaths (2D Universe)
Character Deaths (3D Universe)Character Deaths (HD Universe)Character Wheel
CharactersCharacters by Surname
Characters by Surname/HeaderCharacters by Surname (C-D)Characters by Surname (E-G)
Characters by Surname (F-I)Characters by Surname (J-K)Characters by Surname (L)
Characters by Surname (M)Characters by Surname (N-R)Characters by Surname (Number-B)
Characters by Surname (S-T)Characters by Surname (U-Z)Characters in 3D Universe
Characters in GTA 1Characters in GTA 2Characters in GTA Advance
Characters in GTA Chinatown WarsCharacters in GTA III
Characters in GTA IVCharacters in GTA Liberty City StoriesCharacters in GTA London 1961
Characters in GTA London 1969Characters in GTA OnlineCharacters in GTA San Andreas
Characters in GTA VCharacters in GTA Vice CityCharacters in GTA Vice City Stories
Characters in Multiple 3D Universe Games
Characters in The Ballad of Gay TonyCharacters in The Lost and Damned
Charge IslandChariot
Charles Jones
Charles MartinCharles Matteo
Charleston AvenueCharlieCharlie (GTA IV)
Charlie DilsonCharlie FlemingCharlie Murphy
Charlie ParkerCharlotte CrownChartered Libertine Lines
Chase PointChase Point Dealer
Chase Point WarehouseChasers
Chasers IIChasin' RCChasing Shots (Deathmatch)
Chasing the TruthChassis Vlo
ChastityChastity Quinn
Chatterbox FMChattersphere
Chauffeur's ClothesChavez GroupChavos
Cheap Thrills
Cheat Device
Cheats in GTA 1Cheats in GTA 2
Cheats in GTA Chinatown WarsCheats in GTA IIICheats in GTA IV
Cheats in GTA Liberty City StoriesCheats in GTA San AndreasCheats in GTA V
Cheats in GTA Vice CityCheats in GTA Vice City Stories
CheavesCheck Cashing
Check Out At The Check InCheck Out At The Check In/WalkthroughCheck Out Time
Checkout!Checkout!/GTA V
Checkpoint CharlieCheckpointsCheetah
Cheetah (stripper)
Cheetah Grand PrixChef
Chelsea PerettiChelsey RivesChemical Extraction
ChenCheng's translatorChepalle
Cherenkov VodkaCherie
Cherise GloverCherise McCormic
CherylCheryl Fawkes
Chesti-KovCheung Industries of ShanghaiCheval
ChewyChianski Passage
Chick's 'N' GunsChick's 'N' Guns II
Chicken DriftingChickens
Chico's HypermarketChico (GTA III)Chico (GTA V)
Chicory StreetChiefChihuahua Hotdogs
Children of the MountainChildren of the Mountain Fellowship
Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
Chilli DogsChimpanzees
ChinaChina ChowChina Shop Owner
Chinatown, AlgonquinChinatown, Liberty CityChinatown, Portland
Chinatown, San AndreasChinatown, San Fierro
Chinatown Safehouse
Chinese FoodChinese Restaurant Noodle House
Chinese TakeoutChinkChino
Chino CustomChip
ChiselChive Street
Choco RingsChocolate StarfishCholla Road
Cholla Springs AvenueCholo Sabre
Cholo VictoryCholo WarehouseCholos
ChopChop (mission)Chop (mission)/Soundtrack
Chop ChopChopperChopper Bombing
Chopper Checkpoint (GTA San Andreas)Chopper Checkpoints
Chopper CruiseChopper KillerChopper Tail
Chopper Vs ChopperChow Chin
Chow Yun ThinChris Carruthers
Chris CummingsChris GannonChris Henry Coffey
Chris HuntChris McKinneyChris McLinden
Chris PacketChris PennChris Phillips
Chris TardioChris Van AngelChristian Feltz
ChristieChristopher LucasChristopher Murney
Christopher TibbitsChristov Mahonvic
Christy MacIntyre
Chu Wing DungChu Ying
ChuckChuck D.
Chuck MontgomeryChuck MontresseChuck Schwartz
Chuck SummersChuckup
Chuff Security Co.Chum Street
ChumashChumash PlazaChumash and Grab
Chun Chun FungChunder WheelChung-Hee
Chupacabra StreetChébs Eaterie
CindyCindy'sCindy (Booty Call)
Cine Areola
Cinematic CameraCipriani's Chauffeur
Cipriani's Chauffeur/Transcript
CiscoCisco Street
CitiesCitizens Raging Against Phones
Citizens Understand Medieval Games Undermine Loving ParentsCitizens United Negating Technology
CityBankCityScapeCity Burgers
City CircuitCity HallCity Hall, Algonquin
City Hall (Liberty City)
City Hall HospitalCity Hall LTA
City HaulCity News
City of Liberty ParamedicineCity of Los Santos Public Library
Civic CitadelCivil Asset Forfeiture Impound
Civil Border PatrolCivil Service
Civilization CommitteeClaiborne StreetClaire Byrnes
Clarence LittleClarkClassic
Classic NailsClassic

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