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MiamiMiamta CinemaMiara
Michael-Leon Wooley
Michael BivinsMichael Bower
Michael De SantaMichael De Santa/AppearancesMichael De Santa/Infobox
Michael ElkindMichael GieseMichael Graves
Michael HollickMichael HuntMichael Hunter
Michael KeaneMichael KlebitzMichael Madsen
Michael MedeirosMichael Rapaport
Michael WayneMichael Yurchak
Michaela CarapadisMichal Sinnott
MichelleMichelle's Auto Repair
Michelle (GTA VCS)
Michelle CannesMichelle Minx
Michelle Montanius
Michelli RoadsterMick CaseyMickey
Mickey (GTA IV)Mickey (GTA SA)Mickey (TLAD)
Mickey HamfistsMicro-SMG
MicrosoftMiddle Park
Middle Park EastMiddle Park East Police StationMiddle Park East Safehouse
Middle Park WestMiddleton LaneMidland Building
Midlife Crisis Center
MidnightMidtown Algonquin
Midtown GangstersMidtown Staunton
MikeMike (GTA CW)Mike (GTA IV)
Mike (GTA SA)Mike (GTA VC)
Mike Andrews
Mike ForelliMike Griffin
Mike Lips Last LunchMike Lips Last Lunch/TranscriptMike Riley
Mike ShapiroMike TallonMike Toreno
Mike Toreno's RanchMike Toreno (mission)
Mike Whitley
Mikhail FaustinMikhail Faustin's MansionMikki
Mila TadicMile High Club
Miles O'DonovanMilica Bellic
MilitaryMilitary HardwareMilitary Hardware/Soundtrack
Military ServiceMiljetMill Street
Millars Boat Shop
Millie Perkins
Millie Perkins' HouseMilligan Hotel
Milton JamesMilton McIlroyMilton Road
MimesMing Family
Ming Ha LingMing Inn
MinigunMinigun Wonsu Assassin
MinivanMinivan CustomMinor Turbulence
Minor Turbulence/SoundtrackMinotaur Finance
Minute Man BluesMinx
Miranda CowanMiriam TurnerMiriam Turner Overpass
Mirror ParkMirror Park BoulevardMirror Park Rail Yard
Mirror Park TavernMirror PlaceMisappropriation
Misfire GamesMisha Kuznetsov
Miss TMiss Terrie
Miss UnderstoodMiss Weinstock
Missed the Boat?
Mission PackMission RowMission Row Police Station
Mission Scripting (overview)Mission Scripting Tools
Missionary Hill
Missionary Hill Radio TowerMissions
Missions in GTA 1Missions in GTA 2Missions in GTA Advance
Missions in GTA Chinatown WarsMissions in GTA III
Missions in GTA IVMissions in GTA IV EraMissions in GTA Liberty City Stories
Missions in GTA London 1961Missions in GTA London 1969Missions in GTA Online
Missions in GTA Online/SoundtracksMissions in GTA San AndreasMissions in GTA V
Missions in GTA Vice CityMissions in GTA Vice City Stories
Missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Missions in The Lost and Damned
Mitch (GTA IV)Mitch (TLAD)Mitch (Tunnel of Death)
Mitch BakerMitch DexterMitt Burrows
MittensMixed Up With CokeMixer
Mmm, Russian Sailors!Mobile Phone
Mobile RV Park
Mod GaragesMod Scooter
Modderstotallyrule.comModel Car
Models in Zero RC
Modern Food MarketModi Rosenfeld
ModificationsModinha MusicModo
ModsModupeMoe Lester
Moe Schwartz
MohammedMohammed Dagman
Mohanet Avenue
Mohawk AvenueMohawk Avenue Apartment ComplexMohegan Avenue
Moist Palms HotelMojito InnMollis
Molly MalmsteinMolly Schultz
Molotov Cocktail
Momma's Boy
Momma's Restaurante
MonaMona Lott
Monaco Grand Prix GTA
Money MakerMoney for NothingMonique
Monkey BusinessMonkey Business/SoundtrackMonkey Mosaics
MonroeMonsiuer Trousers
Monster (mission)Monster BugMonster Truck
Montana ShaneMontauk Avenue
MontgomeryMontgomery Apartment BuildingMontgomery Intersection
MontyMoog StreetMoon
MoonbeamMoonbeam CustomMoonlite Hotel
Moonshine Deli GroceryMoose
More Deadly Than the Male
Morgan AugustMorgan DanielsMorgan Merryweather
Morgue (Deathmatch)Morgue Party ResurrectionMori
Mori GreenMori KibbutzMorning Horn
Morning Perm-a-WoodMorningstar BuildingMorningstar Industries
MorningwoodMorningwood Boulevard
Morrice AmmunitionMorris StreetMors Mutual Insurance
Mortal SinMortonMosley Auto Service
Most Wanted
Moti Margolin
Motor OfficerMotorboating

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