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Quadbike Time TrialsQuarantine
QuarryQuarry Missions
Quarry Quarry
Quartz East LTAQuartz Street
Quartz West LTA
Queen LizzyQueens
Queens SafehouseQueens TheaterQueens Tunnel
Queensbury Boxing ClubQuick 'n Quarrelsome
Quick GetawayQuik HouseQuimby & Flange
Quincy BiroQuincy Dunn-BakerQuite Humorous Comedy Club
R.C. Hole In Another ProbeR. S. & L. Bows
RAILS Breakfast Cereal Under FDA Scrutiny
RC BanditRC Bandit Race
RC BanditoRC BaronRC Baron Race
RC Battle GroundRC Cam
RC GoblinRC Helicopter
RC Raider
RC Raider PickupRC TigerRC Triad Take-Down
RON Alternates Wind FarmRON BuildingRP
RS HaulR L Hunter & SonsRabbits
Race Tournaments in GTA San Andreas
Race TracksRace to RunRaces in GTA IV
Races in GTA Liberty City StoriesRaces in GTA Online
Races in The Lost and DamnedRachel FeinsteinRachel Gittler
Racing SuitRadarRadge
Radio '76 FM
Radio BrokerRadio Del MundoRadio Espantoso
Radio Los SantosRadio Mirror Park
Radio StationsRadio Stations in GTA 1Radio Stations in GTA 2
Radio Stations in GTA Chinatown WarsRadio Stations in GTA IIIRadio Stations in GTA IV
Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City StoriesRadio Stations in GTA LondonRadio Stations in GTA San Andreas
Radio Stations in GTA VRadio Stations in GTA Vice CityRadio Stations in GTA Vice City Stories
Radio XRadio Za-Za!
Rael AvenueRafaelRafael's
Raffles Fish Factory
Ragdoll PhysicsRagga Rum
Ragin' RCRaid
Raid: Baggage HandlersRaid: Claustrophobia
Raid: End of the LineRaid: FarmVillainRaid: Going Coastal
Raid: High RoadRaid: Neighbor HoodsRaid: Strip Tease
Raid: ThoroughfaresRaid: Wargames
Rail Yard, Railed OutRailgunRailroad Crossings
RailsRailyard (Deathmatch)
Railyard SurvivalRaimi RealtyRainbow
RainéRakin and PonzerRalph Ostrowski
Ralph PendelburyRamJam FMRami Yalon
Ramon JenkinsRampage
Rampage (GTA V Missions)Rampage (GTA V Missions)/SoundtracksRampages
Rampages in GTA IIIRampages in GTA Vice CityRamps! Ramps! Ramps!
Ran Fa LiRan Fa Li/WalkthroughRan Fa Li (mission)
Rancher XLRanchoRancho Projects
Rancho Projects (Deathmatch)Rancho TowersRancid Dragon
Rand AvenueRandolf Art CenterRandolph Industrial Estate
Random Biker
Random EventsRandom Pickable Objects
Random charactersRandom characters/GTA Chinatown Wars
Random characters/GTA IVRandom characters/GTA VRandom characters/TBOGT
Random characters/TLADRandy B Stiffman GardensRandy Boner
Randy PearlsteinRangerRanger (mission)
Ranger (mission 2)Ranger LewisRangers football team
RankRansomRansom (GTA III)
Ransom (GTA IV)
Rapid GT
Rat-TruckRat Race
Ratatat DrumsRatingsRaton Canyon
Raton PassRaton RaceRats
Rats (animal)Rattlesnake RunRaul
RavenRaven 2000
Raven SlaughterhouseRaverRaw Deal
Ray BoccinoRay Boccino's henchman
Ray BulgarinRay De Angelo HarrisRay De Angelo Harris/Quotes
Ray LarabieRay LiottaRay Machowski
Ray Machowski's PartnerRay Mathers
Ray the OtterRaymond
Raymond Alberga
Real Badman
Real People in GTAReal life companies parodied in the GTA series
RearwallRebecca Benhayon
Rebecca HendersonRebelRebel Radio
Rebel Radio BuildingRebel Rodeo
Recruitment DriveRecruitment Drive (GTA CW)Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)
Recycling CenterRed's Machine Supplies
Red BalloonsRed County
Red Desert Avenue
Red Light District
Red Light Racing
Red Mist XIRed ValdezRed Wing Avenue
Redneck (GTA 1)Redneck Attack!Rednecks
Rednecks (GTA V)Redsands EastRedsands West
Redsands West SafehouseRedwood Cigarettes
Redwood Cigarettes BuildingRedwood Gauntlet
Redwood Light DistrictRedwood Lights Track

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