Special Airborne Unit logo

The Special Airborne Unit appears on a flag on the wall of Trevor's Trailer in Grand Theft Auto V.


The flag can be found in Trevor's trailer on the north wall of the living room above the sofa.  The only appearance of the unit in the game is on the flag, while the logo and motto (but not the unit name) also appear on the back of the Trevor-exclusive "Lonewolf" leather jacket available from Sub Urban clothing stores. 

The symbol is a wolf's head with three bright yellow lightning bolts behind it within a shield shape. The colors on the flag are white as the main background, with a thin black outline on the patch surrounding each part. The motto is inscribed on a banner positioned in a V at the base of the shield. All text is black and is on a red background with a black background behind the wolf head on the shield. 

The motto "Confide Nemini" is Latin which means "Trust No-one" when translated to English.



  • The unit may possibly be based on either the 42nd attack Squadron of the United States Air Force, the 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron, or the 69th Bomb Squadron, as based on what Trevor says about joining the Air Force to hopefully "drop the nuke" one day. 
  • Interestingly, the term "Airborne" is not usually used by the Air Force, but rather refers to an Army division of soldiers dropped into battle VIA parachutes, such as the 101st Airborne, whose patch somewhat resembles the Special Airborne Unit's patch.
  • The wolf on the flag appears to be Courage wolf, a popular internet meme which is an extremely brave wolf who says motivational things.