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There are several possible Steal Cargo mission scenarios that a player can encounter when buying cargo to store as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

Scenarios can involve shooting down military helicopter convoys, or simply stealing a loot van.


"They got the product in the back of a truck. Pick it up and get it back to the warehouse."

The cargo can be sometimes found in the back of a vehicle. The van will be located at a site where guards are loading the cargo. At the scene, there are numerous variations of the scenario:

  • Ambush: Should it be an ambush by gang members, there will be civilian vehicles parked nearby occupied by them and should police are there instead, occupied FIB Grangers (that can be easily mistaken for a black Granger) and Unmarked Cruisers (that can be easily mistaken for a Stanier). In the police case, the player gains a 4-star wanted level for getting just the target vehicle, although if another player destroys the police vehicles prior, it will take off some heat for the player who's stealing the vehicle. In the case of a gang ambush, civilian vehicles will be used and the enemies will attack the player who took the cargo vehicle, as well as other players should they are provoked.
  • On the Move: The player is tasked with retrieving the vehicle. Once they do so, they may encounter pursuers on the way back. The vehicle may also only start to escape once a player approaches it, with armed guards attempting to hamper the player's progress.
  • Normal pickup: There's absolutely no resistance, so the player can just take the vehicle freely.
  • Dealer changed his mind: The dealer changes their mind at the last moment and escaped with the cargo vehicle, leaving armed guards behind to stop the organization. The vehicle must be intercepted and taken back to the warehouse.

Numerous vehicles can be the carrier for the cargo:[1]

Helicopter Packages

The cargo may be transported by helicopter, but the vehicle is usually randomized. Sometimes it can be a Frogger with side bay gunners, and sometimes it's a Valkyrie. In order for the player to obtain the cargo, the helicopter must be destroyed with any means, which then causes the cargo to parachute and eventually land. In the case of the Valkyrie, there will be a few soldiers parachuting down, with the number of them dependent on the number of cargo purchased.

On ground, Merryweather Mesas may spawn as backup units as Merryweather units, although there are examples where no further NPC pursuers arrive at all in certain scenarios.

Deal Gone Wrong

Similar to a random event in story mode, the player arrives at the scene, not finding any cargo, but instead found several gangsters dead, with several Dukes parked around, usually severely damaged and cannot be entered. The assistant then proceeds to tell the player to look for clues that may lead them to the cargo. A yellow area is then indicated on the map, always at the shootout scene. The cargo is always in this area. If after some time, player(s) still fail to find the cargo, the assistant will locate the cargo and pinpoint them on the radar.

Once the player leaves the scene, and when they are carrying cargo, enemies will arrive in vehicles and attempt to intercept them. A time limit appears should the player(s) took too long to get all the cargo back.

Downed Jet

The jet (usually Shamal) carrying the cargo has crashed with police vehicles responding at the scene. The cargo will be around the jet, but not very far away. Entering the scene will immediately grand the player a 2-star wanted level, as well as any organization members, but aside from that and other players, there's no form of remaining resistance.

Air Drop

Each organization member is given 8 Flares. There will be a drop zone marked on the map, and the player(s) are required to throw the flare inside a marked area, after which the cargo will drop from the sky and free to be taken. Only one flare is required to send the cargo down from the skies, and they immediately appear on the map once dropped.

Personnel Issue

The organization is blackmailed by the dealer, who only agrees to hand in the cargo if they take out some of the dealer's rivals. The organization members are then instructed to go to the vantage point, where a Sniper Rifle spawns. Upon arrival, they will receive a text, hinting the targets, who are easily visible from the vantage point. Sniping is not compulsory and the players can kill them whatever way they want. Once all targets are dead, the players may get a wanted level, but a vehicle loaded with the cargo is now marked on the map. Players are then required to take it back to the warehouse, with no further resistance.

Multiple Vehicles

Similar to some Gunrunning resupply missions, now there are three vehicles scattered around the map and are always on the move. Only one of them contains the cargo the player needs to move closer to inspect them. The assistant will always text the player a message, either urging them to take the vehicle, or inform them to check others if it does not hold the cargo. Once the correct vehicle is identified, the organization can then take the vehicle ad bring it back. Note that he driver will not stop if a player puts a personnel vehicle in the way and thus, the driver must be killed.

Sometimes, the game does not list them on the map, instead requiring the use of Trackify app (replaces Securoserv icon). If this happens, the mission is made much harder, since it only lists a vague location and the direction, and that it only tracks targets through linear distance. A helicopter will make that slightly easier though.


When the player arrives at the location, it's revealed that thieves had stole the player's cargo, and they are running away. They will not fight back, though a weapon can be dropped if they are killed. Their number depends on the number of crates brought.


  1. Script Data: The following is the mission script which is able to spawn, at random, a vehicle containing the cargo.
    	switch (iParam0)
    		case 0:
    			return joaat("mule");
    		case 1:
    			return joaat("rumpo3");
    		case 2:
    			return joaat("boxville");
    		case 3:
    			return joaat("burrito");
    		case 4:
    			return joaat("journey");
    		case 5:
    			return joaat("camper");
    		case 6:
    			return joaat("stockade");
    		case 7:
    			return joaat("paradise");
    		case 11:
    			return joaat("speedo");
    		case 12:
    			return joaat("policet");
    		case 8:
    			return joaat("pony");
    		case 9:
    			return joaat("youga");
    		case 10:
    			return joaat("surfer");
    	return joaat("mule");