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There are several possible Steal Cargo mission scenarios that a player can encounter when buying cargo to store as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

Scenarios can involve shooting down military helicopter convoys, or simply stealing a loot van.


"They got the product in the back of a truck. Pick it up and get it back to the warehouse."

The cargo can be sometimes found in the back of a van. The van will be located at a site where guards are loading the cargo. At the scene, two Benson trucks are parked, ready to block either end of the alleyway the van will be located in, in order to trap the player. Guards inside will protect the van, and more backup will arrive in Fugitives.

The van can be one of numerous vehicles:[1]

Helicopter Packages

The cargo may be transported by helicopter. Several Valkyrie military transport helicopters will be flying above Los Santos or Blaine County containing the packages. The player must shoot down the helicopters, when the cargo will begin to parachute down to the ground.

On ground, Merryweather Mesas may spawn as backup units as Merryweather units.


  1. Script Data: The following is the mission script which is able to spawn, at random, a vehicle containing the cargo.
    	switch (iParam0)
    		case 0:
    			return joaat("mule");
    		case 1:
    			return joaat("rumpo3");
    		case 2:
    			return joaat("boxville");
    		case 3:
    			return joaat("burrito");
    		case 4:
    			return joaat("journey");
    		case 5:
    			return joaat("camper");
    		case 6:
    			return joaat("stockade");
    		case 7:
    			return joaat("paradise");
    		case 11:
    			return joaat("speedo");
    		case 12:
    			return joaat("policet");
    		case 8:
    			return joaat("pony");
    		case 9:
    			return joaat("youga");
    		case 10:
    			return joaat("surfer");
    	return joaat("mule");