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Special Vehicles are features in the Grand Theft Auto series, this article contains a list of all the special vehicles featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

Land Vehicles

BF Space Docker

Declasse Rancher XL

  • A snow covered variant of the Rancher XL is used as an escape car in the mission Prologue, this variant of the car can also be stolen in Bury the Hatchet. Like other snow covered vehicles, it cannot be stored in a garage (without save editing) as they do not spawn in Los Santos.

Obey Tailgater

  • Michael De Santa owns a unique Tailgater which the licence plate reading 5MDS003.
  • A baby blue Tailgater with the license plate reading K1FFL0M can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth if the player doesn't deliver the cash.

Weeny Issi

  • Tracey De Santa owns a unique yellow Issi with a license plate reading P3RSEUS.

Ubermacht Sentinel

Ubermacht Sentinel XS

Canis Bodhi

  • Trevor Philips owns a red Bodhi which is readily available after and during Mr. Phillips, Mr Raspberry Jam is tucked behind the bull bar (unless the front bumper is changed at Los Santos Customs) after the completion of Hang Ten. Its license plate reads BETTY 32. It is destroyed, rendering it unobtainable if the player completes Something Sensible.

Bravado Buffalo S

  • Franklin Clinton owns a white Buffalo S which is different from normal Buffalos found on the street. Its license plate reads FC1988.

Western Motorcycle Company Bagger

  • Franklin owns a unique Bagger with a license plate reading FC88.

Karin BeeJay XL

  • Jimmy De Santa owns a unique yellow BeeJay XL, however, it is repossessed by Franklin in Repossession, the car can be kept after the mission completion, it has a more aggressive sound than the normal Beejay XL.

Canis Merryweather Mesa

  • The uncovered version can be obtained as well.

Canis Crusader

  • An uncovered Crusader can be found in the 4th Rampage. Can be obtained after the rampage if the player doesn't destroy it. Can also be found when purchased on Warstock Cache & Carry.

Declasse Tornado

  • Devin Weston also owns a Tornado with an unique license plate 'MONIED'.

HVY Barracks OL

  • Sometimes when buying the Barracks OL from Warstock Cache & Carry, the truck might spawn in a rare black or red color scheme.

Pfister Comet

Ocelot F620

  • A rich red F620 can be obtained in the mission I Fought The Law by interrupting the mission before starting it.

Dundreary Landstalker

  • A unique baby blue Landstalker can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth.
  • A worn graphite Landstalker can be obtained in the mission Parenting 101. Jimmy's kidnappers will be driving it. You can simply free up Jimmy, take him to The Richman Hotel and drive the car into your garage.

Grotti Cheetah

  • In the mission I Fought The Law, one of the trust fund kids is driving a blue Cheetah. It can be obtained by killing Henry (as Trevor Philips), which will result mission failure, then you can drive it to your garage.

Overflod Entity XF

  • Can be obtained in the same mission above, one of the trust fund kids is driving an orange Entity XF. It can be obtained by killing Sebastian (as Michael De Santa), which will result mission failure, then you can drive it to your garage.

Pegassi Vacca

  • A Vacca with a unique license plate 'JKW87N1D' can be obtained in Meltdown.


  • A unique Tractor with a license plate reading KIFFLOM1 can be obtained from the mission Unknowing the Truth, but only if you choose to deliver the money.

Stanley Fieldmaster

A snow covered Fieldmaster appears in the Prologue. Obtaining the vehicle requires save editing.

Declasse Asea

  • The Asea can be obtained after the mission What Lies Beneath. This is the only time in the game the Asea spawns in the game (PS3/X360). To obtain it, you can fire a gun before Abigail enters the car, so she will run away scared, therefore unlocking the car and were ready to be driven.
  • A snow covered Asea appears in the Bury the Hatchet. This car is only obtainable by save editing.
  • Before the 1.16 update in GTA Online, it was also considered one of the rarest car in GTA Online, the way to obtain it is to choose the car as a starter vehicle in Mall Or Nothing.

Dewbauchee JB 700

  • In Devin's mission Deep Inside, Devin tasks Franklin to steal a JB 700 with machine guns equipped. It also has an unique license plate reading '4GENT'.

Brute Clown Van

  • The Clown van only appears in Grass Roots - Trevor, and cannot be obtained in a normal gameplay unless if you use a save editor.

Gallivanter Baller

HVY Cutter

  • The cutter is drivable in the final heist, but not obtainable in a normal gameplay, however, can be obtained via a save editor.


  • The Fixter is a rare bike, the only way to obtain one is after the completion of the Rampage Five.

Dundreary Stretch

  • A Stretch with a special License Plate 'VIN3W00D' can be obtained during the mission Meltdown.

Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio

Fathom FQ2

Nagasaki Blazer

  • During the Mission Nervous Ron there were 2 unique Blazers. Trevor has a unique all red Blazer with a unique license plate TPI1000 and Ron has a unique Blazer with an all blue paintjob and unique license plate B3LI3V3.

Brute Boxville

  • A brown Postal Mail Boxville can be seen in switch events on Father/Son, although it is quite hard to obtain it.

Declasse Premier

Vapid Speedo

  • A white Speedo with a license plate reading 'LAMAR G' is obtainable in the mission "Chop."


Buckingham Maverick

Maibatsu Frogger

HVY Skylift

  • The Skylift can be obtained after the mission Sidetracked. This is the only time in the game where you can obtain the Skylift.
    • The player must also uninstall all of the patches and DLCs before doing this, as Rockstar Games have patched the method to obtain the Skylift. Reinstalling the patches and the DLCs will not cause the helicopter to disappear.

Western Company Cargobob

Jobuilt Velum

  • A unique baby blue Velum can be obtained from the mission Delivering the Truth.

Cargo Plane

  • The Cargo Plane is piloted by Trevor in the mission Minor Turbulence, but it's unobtainable during normal gameplay, but you can use cheat devices to obtain one.

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