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Special Vehicles in The Lost and Damned

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Like Grand Theft Auto IV, unique vehicles also exist in The Lost and Damned and seen mutilple times during missions.

Here is a list of unique vehicles:


  • A flatbed variant of the Yankee is only seen during the mission Liberty City Choppers and Johnny must kill Jim to fail the mission, then store the Yankee to the nearest and good safehouse. (Niko's Alderney Safehouse)



  • A custom blue Hexer is Johnny's as it is seen in missions and can be obtained after loading your game.


  • The Comet in TLAD is only seen during Gang Wars and Johnny must kill all the Lost Members to fail the Gang Wars, (As Jim may throw a Molotov on the Comet and destroy it) then store it to any safehouse.


  • A unique orange Infernus is seen during the mission Knowing Me, Knowing You, to get this Infernus, drive it to any safehouse, (Brian Jeremy's Safehouse) and after the time limit has ran out, Johnny will get out, and become locked, save your game then reload OR get into another vehicle and go around the block. As you come back, the Infernus will become unlocked and ready for driving.


  • An all-red Cognoscenti is seen during Phone Ho, during which a politician rides it to pick up a prostitute. If the player is quick enough, they can take it after the mission and save it.

Roman's Taxi


  • The Regina is only seen during Heavy Toll, people may get in a Regina and chase you, once you reach the Bohan Safehouse, kill the people, store it in the parking space, and complete the mission. Another way is to steal the first Regina that pulls up to the toll when it's passed and stopped, drive towards Bohan, resulting in mission failure, then if you're lucky, Reginas will spawn in front of you, driving in traffic.

Prison Bus

  • The Prison Bus is another unique variant of Yankee only seen during Off Route and Get Lost, it's good to save it in Off Route, as you can kill the driver, then store it, then kill yourself.


  • An unique robin egg blue Rhapsody is seen in the beginning of the mission Off Route, store it, and continue the mission.

Bati 800

  • A unique lime green and yellow Bati 800 can be found in Malc's first random encounter.


A lustered Stallion appears after the mission Off Route. It will spawn near the drop point after you complete the mission. It's unlocked, so just take it and store it.

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