"We don't do butterfly ankle tattoos"
―Spider to the player on entering a tattoo parlor

Spider is a minor character who appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online


He appears on the official Grand Theft Auto V website under the Artisans section where he is described [1] as having a career change after earning a Masters Degree in Physics and starting a family. He decided to start a rock band and date spaced-out women and manage a tattoo shop.

He shares a character model and voice with Boonie in game, with the only distinction being their hair styles and visible tattoos on their forearms. In game Spider does not wear the heavy spectacles seen on the website but has the same eyebrow piercing and both ears gauge-pierced.

Much like Donna at Herr Kutz Barber shops, either Spider or Boonie can be found at any of the six Tattoo Parlors throughout southern San Andreas.