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A Spike Strip (commonly known as a Stinger) is a piece of equipment used by police to puncture and damage the tires of a vehicle, attempting to slow it down and make it difficult to control during chases. The spike strip first appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where officers deploy them from the roadside after a 3-star wanted level. They appear in every subsequent 3D Universe game as a police device, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Although in GTA San andreas, they make an appearance in the mission Puncture Wounds, where CJ must drive a Tampa that's been modified to deploy stingers, to stop an erratic driver and steal their vehicle. They are also used in the Driving School test 'Pop and Control'.

Even though they are supposed to make pursuits tricky, evading the spikes is easy if driving fast enough and away from the sidewalk, as the police deploy them once the player is close enough to the officer.

Spike strips are not present in Grand Theft Auto IV, however they return in Grand Theft Auto V; and are deployed at a 3-star wanted level by officers in Police Transporters. The spike strips are notably used in the heist The Big Score. Spike strips are also a weapon that can be dropped when driving a JB 700 in the missions Deep Inside and Pack Man. Sadly, spike strips cannot be deployed from a JB 700 outside of the missions. 


  • Rhinos are the only road vehicle unaffected by the spikes, as its tires are pop-proof.
  • Even if the player is fleeing in an aircraft, the police would still deploy spikes on the roads below.
  • In GTA: San Andreas, if only one tire hits the spike, all tires will be popped.
  • On some occassions, when a moderately-damaged vehicle hits a spike strip, it will catch fire and explode.

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