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The American Motors Splitz-6 ATV is a 6-wheeler ATV found only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The vehicle is based on the Amphicat ATV, a small six-wheel-drive amphibious ATV. It's depicted as a novelty vehicle with a rather unique design, with a small windshield, a single seat and six wheels. The name comes from the TV show, The Banana Splits, which featured an Amphicat as their car.

It cannot be found driving around Vice City, just like many vehicles added in the game.


It is capable of traveling on land and water, however, it drives slow on land and "very slow" on water. It's rather poor armor makes this vehicle very susceptible in wanted levels, especially more than 2 stars.




  • Strangely enough, the Splitz-6 ATV has the same engine sound as the Comet, Infernus, and the Stinger.
  • This is one of two civilian vehicles (aside from industrial trucks) in the series to have 6 wheels, the other being the Dubsta 6x6. However, the ATV is the only one in the 3D Universe.
  • The Splitz is one of three vehicles that can be driven on land and water, the others being the Vortex and the Bovver'64. However, it's not really an advantage to drive it on the water because of its very slow speed, even slower than the player's swimming speed.


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